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Nov 9, 2008

I have a new favorite band…

Thursday night I headed to Hiro Ballroom to check out the Cazals. I was introduced to the British Pop/Punk band from a good friend from London who runs the Laissez Faire Club and have seen them live a few times over the years. Thursday’s event was sponsored by The Hours, which is a record label/marketing initiative much like RethinkPopMusic.


The Cazals have recently released What of Our Future which is accompanied by an incredible video of Somebody Somewhere directed by Andre’.


I met Andre’ on Thursday and must say that he is as modest as he is talented. I mean, the single cut that loops around the block, the shadow on the animation and the changes of size as the torso-less character approaches the camera is quite cheeky.


Nevertheless, the true stars of Thursday were Fires of Rome. This band to which little is known, absolutely blew me away. The Bowie inspired lead singer belts lyrics “strings of your vagina,” with intensity as he seamlessly plays both rhythm and lead guitar along with complex piano arrangements. The set transitioned from Bowie to Zeppelin and from Queen to The Clash while maintaining a great level of ingenuity and originality. Check out the M83 remix of “Set in Stone.”

Nov 6, 2008

Passion Pit Will Rock Your Socks

When you first play Passion Pit’s debut EP Chunk of Change, their fun collection of electro – pop will make you wanna dance on your chair. When you go see them live, (and you are dancing on your chair! )you’ll be surprised to find more than a lone dude with his synth on stage.

The blogging bees have done nothing but buzz about how the EP was recorded in front man Michael Angelakos’ bedroom as a poor man’s Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend. What you might not know is that Passion Pit’s live set (and band) consists of 3 guys on 2 guys playing bells, a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer totaling 5 band members rocking on stage.

After seeing them now twice last week during CMJ and a few times previous, they are officially one of my favorite bands to see live. Theses talented guys crank out such a fun set, you would have to be dead not to enjoy yourself.

So if you’re not dead, and you own some sort of device to play music, than by all means go ahead, turn it up, and attempt to sing along in falsetto. But please, if you’re at work, you might want to get down off your chair.

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More photos from the Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Showcase after the jump… Continue reading »

Nov 5, 2008

Just a Regular Joe

I knew we would be drinking either way.  However, he who took the presidency would determine the extent of our debauchery and the overall mood in which we would precede.  Now, I’m sure you’ve already read about this on every other accredited internet news source, however, this is neither accredited, nor do I care to write anything of any particular insight or political analysis.  What you WILL get are some highlights from last night’s coverage of the race to the white house:

(In no particular order)

1)    Most could agree this may have been the most important election of our lifetimes – as shown by the thousands who flooded the streets after Obama’s win was announced (and on a school night none the less!)
2)    The percentage of Americans who called in sick/ were late/ or (a smaller number of this total) who planned ahead and took the day off today = 38.73%.  A rough, but completely educated guess based on my fellow New Yorker’s actions in the street (see: 1).
3)    Obama won more electoral votes than any other presidential candidate in history with the current count at 349 to 163.  Results are still inconclusive for Indiana and North Carolina.  Breakdown: The people spoke ya heard?  No butterfly ballot issues in Florida here.
4)    And finally, no president has ever won an election without winning Ohio.

My New York via Ohio transplanted friends and I voted absentee in Ohio.  Hey America, you’re welcome.

Nov 4, 2008

Remember the Silver Pathfinder

Have you ever stolen your friends car and drove around town? Have you ever stolen your friend’s silver Pathfinder, drove around screaming, “Remember the silver Pathfinder” as you threw random objects out the windows? Did said friend wake up the next morning and find a yellow boot on the wheel?

Reckless abandonment and sheer wit is quite exhilarating. And when I did such asinine things as mentioned above I felt great. With a Bear Hands show, it all comes back. I spent Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning with said band and as they tore through their set a Mercury Lounge and one thing was certain… these guys are great. Drunk, off key, laying on the stage or spitting into the crowd; Bear Hands can do no wrong. Or maybe they do everything so wrong that it just makes sense.

A band with a pure punk background and pop songwriting abilities puts them in the odd paradigm Jimmy Eat World mastered and soon forgot. But with Val (bass) taking center stage and Dylan (guitar/vocals) lurking in a dark corner anything is possible. Case and point: Val once started taking himself a little too seriously and without missing a chord, Dylan stepped up licked his face and returned to the dark.

If you want some serious description of what they sound like go somewhere else… here’s a video

Nov 3, 2008

He’s a Shoe-In

Don’t forget to get out and vote tomorrow!  My money is on Mr. Def, but if you’re undecided these people can help.


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