Nov 12, 2008

Paper Route

It’s quite the pill to swallow, imagining a heavy-synth, protools-loving rock band from Nashville signed to Motown Records. But with dueling falsettos and complex harmonies, the influence of early Motown greats Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder amd The Temptations are obvious.

Sunday night, Paper Route played to a half empty Bowery Ballroom. However everyone in attendance were there only for Paper Route… so maybe the room was half full? Nevertheless, Paper route played a great set which concluded with “Carousel.” If you are unfamiliar with this single, you won’t be for long. Carousel has been picked as the theme song for The Hills spinoff, The City.

Regardless of whom Motown agrees to license their music to, a Paper Route show is of the highest quality and I will never hold anything against the music that they have made. I don’t know where Paper Route is going, but one thing is for certain… they have no control.

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