Nov 4, 2008

Remember the Silver Pathfinder

Have you ever stolen your friends car and drove around town? Have you ever stolen your friend’s silver Pathfinder, drove around screaming, “Remember the silver Pathfinder” as you threw random objects out the windows? Did said friend wake up the next morning and find a yellow boot on the wheel?

Reckless abandonment and sheer wit is quite exhilarating. And when I did such asinine things as mentioned above I felt great. With a Bear Hands show, it all comes back. I spent Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning with said band and as they tore through their set a Mercury Lounge and one thing was certain… these guys are great. Drunk, off key, laying on the stage or spitting into the crowd; Bear Hands can do no wrong. Or maybe they do everything so wrong that it just makes sense.

A band with a pure punk background and pop songwriting abilities puts them in the odd paradigm Jimmy Eat World mastered and soon forgot. But with Val (bass) taking center stage and Dylan (guitar/vocals) lurking in a dark corner anything is possible. Case and point: Val once started taking himself a little too seriously and without missing a chord, Dylan stepped up licked his face and returned to the dark.

If you want some serious description of what they sound like go somewhere else… here’s a video

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