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Feb 24, 2009

Darling Cait and her band of boys on toys









Friday night I had the privilege to see a dear friend of mine, Darling Cait, perform a short set with her band of boys on toys. While I am always somewhat hesitant to recommend a musician whose appeal is based on a novelty, I must admit I was presently surprised. Darling Cait’s voice is something to be envied by the wannabe pseudo retro throwback poptarts. Yeah, Ms. Perry that was a toss to your lack of talent.  Indeed, I am biased, but only because I know Cait and her aspirations and influences. She is one of the few whose soulful voice actually resonates the reminiscent roaring 20’s. While her stage show is an act of sorts, it is also creative and refreshing. Don’t be surprised when you can’t escape Darling Cait and those boys on toys.   














Feb 24, 2009

White Rabbits Showcase New Album







                                                                                                                                                                                                         As I watched White Rabbits prepare for their set Thursday at the Mercury Lounge something didn’t settle well with me. It wasn’t the oblivious pastel-clad college kid who knocked over my beer or the underage girl who tried to swindle her way in front of me, nevertheless something about this White Rabbits show was off. And as I picked up what was left of my beer and “accidently” spilled it on the tween in an attempt to clear some space I realized what was amiss… the lone drum kit.










                                                                                 White Rabbits are synonymous with great percussion, so the single drum kit gave me a horrible premonition. With the same lineup: Stephen Patterson (vox/piano), Jamie Levinson (drums), Matthew Clark (drums, guitar), Alex Even (guitar), Gregory Roberts (guitar/vox) Adam Russell (bass) and Britt Daniel turning the knobs, how could the new album It’s Frightening not build on the solid foundation of Fort Nightly? So as I waited with the sold out crowd in anticipation of the new tracks I almost predicted a sophomore slump. Luckily I’m not an odds maker.









                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To sum up the White Rabbits show with one word: “INSTRUMENTATION.” White Rabbits seamlessly shift positions, leads and instruments. Every song had a different focal point albeit the guitar, drums, piano or even acoustic guitar, the entire set was outstanding. And despite the single drum kit, the drumming seemed clear, focused, deep and louder than ever. It seems Britt Daniel may have used heavier bass and lighter piano play to bring out the sound of band members banging the same kit. I don’t know, but I want another listen and can’t wait for the album.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The new songs demand  a reaction from the crowd and urge you to do more than stand in awe. The show was amazing, the new songs sound perfect and if you plan to attend the next White Rabbits show be prepared to move. 


Feb 10, 2009

The National Falceto Championships

Another night and another sold out show at Bowery Ballroom. I must say that I am biased when it comes to Passion Pit and Paper Route and I like to take credit for introducing the bands to each other. Nevertheless, it was apparent that this tour may be getting the better of these two immensely talented groups.

Some observations from the night:










The crowd was crazy young… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “I keep getting older, they stay the same age.”











Ayad is going to be a star in his own right. Something about a kid who jumps up and down in excitement after receiving his green card is enough evidence for me to make such a statement.

















Paper Route is an elite band with vocalists who never disappoint despite shitty cuban food.











Michael loves him some grilled peanut butter and banana sammies.


Overall, the show was excellent. Passion Pit played a couple new tunes and I was informed that this Bowery show is the last of the old set. I won’t name my source, but this is definitely incentive to go check them out when they tour in support of the new album.          

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