Feb 24, 2009

Darling Cait and her band of boys on toys









Friday night I had the privilege to see a dear friend of mine, Darling Cait, perform a short set with her band of boys on toys. While I am always somewhat hesitant to recommend a musician whose appeal is based on a novelty, I must admit I was presently surprised. Darling Cait’s voice is something to be envied by the wannabe pseudo retro throwback poptarts. Yeah, Ms. Perry that was a toss to your lack of talent.  Indeed, I am biased, but only because I know Cait and her aspirations and influences. She is one of the few whose soulful voice actually resonates the reminiscent roaring 20’s. While her stage show is an act of sorts, it is also creative and refreshing. Don’t be surprised when you can’t escape Darling Cait and those boys on toys.   














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