Mar 31, 2009

RethinkPopMusic wants to thank Cocaine

SXSW Documentary featuring...u-haul, cocaine energy drinks, yak-pak, nary manivong, 40s40s-with-cocaine-in-background-2andrew-with-cocaine-in-background

RethinkPopMusic admits that this 4,000+ mile journey would never have been possible without the heavy use of Cocaine. Ask anyone in NYC, Columbus, Nashville, Austin and every city between… rarely was the RPM crew without Cocaine in-hand. While most of us shared our Cocaine with total strangers, there were a few of us, ANDREW/TEDDY, who would only give it away if it were removed from their cold,dead hands. Regardless, many hours were spent WIDE awake thanks to the spicy,red juice.

A huge thanks to Raymond Herrera for the shirts (take a close look at the promo shot of Will), match books, cups, posters and of course, product!

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