Mar 31, 2009

What to do on your Monday Night


Show was crazy. People didn’t start showing up until 11:15 at Greenhouse in Soho. It was a monday night. A schoolnight with no two-hour snow delay. And by the time we started at 12:15am, there was at the veryvery least, 200 people there ordering bottle service.

We finished playing a short high-energy set.

The DJ/VJ started playing rock mixed with a heavybacked techno beat – matched with a video projection of live band footage. two girls in gold-clad bikinis started dancing and shaking from above. The manhattanites danced and order bottle service and danced some more.

Did I mention that this is all going down in the morning hours on a Monday?

Two other points-of-interest: We didn’t play our song “Monday Night” AND they didn’t carry Jim Beam.

Mr. Barr

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