May 12, 2009

Our Sponsors are Artists Too

Anyone who crossed our path from NYC to SXSW knew Cocaine Energy was kind enough to sponsor RethinkPopMusic and The Vanguard.


As we consumed case after case and begrudgingly gave some away, someone kept a secret from us.


Our dear friend Raymond Herrera is a MANIAC of a drummer. After going gold with Fear Factory Raymond has formed Arkaea with fellow Fear Factory member Christian Olde Wolbers and Threat Signal’s Jon Howard and Pat Kavanagh. While RethinkPopMusic would never describe our artists as “Volitile, Violent or Vicious” Arkaea has mastered what true Metal should be. Lightning fast drums, machine gun bass, precise breakdowns and a full range of vocals Arkaea draws a line in the sand and dares anyone to cross it.

Check it out here:

Remember to RethinkPopMusic, not as a genre or a sound, but the ability to appeal to a massive audience. Congrats Arkaea you won me over.

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