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May 8, 2009

Creative “Sponsor Me” Video

This is a total MTV plug, but when I worked there I honestly liked most of the people. However, it is Barry and Dax that I most often call up with an “I need help” request and they never hesitate to respond. Check out their new video as The Sniper Twins and ask yourself why Fresh Direct is not going viral with this thing. Oh yeah, fuck the lonely island boys. The Sniper Twins have been around much longer!

Here is another:

May 6, 2009

White Rabbits “Percussion Gun” Video

Watch this video and tell me what you think. I think it looks nice, but has absolutely no content. There is no difference between watching that video and listening to the song. The song is great and I think the album is good, but this video is obviously expensive and obviously boring. You know, I remember the days when White Rabbits had two singers and two drummers and everyone was simply an element of something bigger. Now it seems to be so concentrated on one person who sounds like another person who produced their album.

May 5, 2009

The Vanguard Open for Eve 6


So we made the trip from NYC to Binghampton University to share a stage with Eve 6 on Saturday. With the sun shining on a gorgeous afternoon we played for a couple hundred enthusiastic coeds. After our set we had to hurry to make the 4 hour trip back to the city to play the late show at The Bitter End. Overall the trip was great and we learned some valuable lessons.

1. Eazy E is wrong… College Girls Aren’t So Easy!


2. Cops don’t think the phrase “Don’t taze me bro” is funny, but this is:

3. Diners in the middle of nowhere aren’t a safe place for people who look like us.


4. Rasko is eating again.


5. College shows are still fun.


6. We like to drink.


7. Bob is still “The Creeper” and likes to push stage managers to their breaking point.


8. Don’t ask for herbal tea if you want to fly under the radar.


9. Don’t spend hours in a van with someone who has Swine Flu and expect to remain uninfected.


10. Eve 6 unloads their own equipment… just like us!


May 4, 2009

The Vanguard set to play Universal Showcase

Come support your favorite band this Friday 8PM 8PM 8PM 8PM!!!!!!!!


May 1, 2009


Aaron has the Swine Flu!

Sunday night I was well into Operation: Feeling Like Shit. But, was really trying to tough it out.

Walk it off, kid. Walk it off.

I went out for a nice Indian dinner at the amazing Indian place near my apartment called Seva ($12 prix fixe!) with Attiya.

It was BYOB, and we could both use a B, so I hopped next door to the bodega/deli to grab a deucedeuce of Kingfisher. As I leave, my eyes lock on the Daily News cover “SWINE FLU FOUND IN QUEENS SCHOOL”. Hmm, that’s odd, I live in Queens too and I’m not feeling so hot….Nahhh, no way. Back to my tikka masala.

Monday morning – Swine flu hysteria all over the news. A guy at Ernst and Young has it. Schools are closing. People are freaking out. I realize it’s fearmongering media hype, but can’t help but buy just a little stock in it seeing as I have ALL of the symptoms. Fever: Check. Congestion: Check. Headache: Check. Sore Throat: Double-check in bold and highlighted.

Monday night at Midnight I find myself walking to Mt. Sinai hospital. Just in case, I tell myself. The receptionist gives me one of those I’m-freaking-contagious-get-away-masks that I put on, slightly embarrassed.

After staring at Fox News pundits in the waiting room for two hours (is this what waterboarding feels like?), I’m finally face to masked-face with the doctor, who reminded me a little too much of the Doctor Hibbert from the Simpsons.

“I’ll bet you think you’ve got the Swine Flu like everyone else, dontcha?”

“No.” I said quickly. “Well, I mean, I’ve got all the symptoms, but I don’t…”

“A bunch of media hype. Have you been to Mexico lately?” He said, slightly interrupting me.


“Know anyone that has?”

“yes!” I said. “I know TWO people who just got back from Mexico” In a strange tone like I was trying to prove to him that I actually did have a reason to be wearing this ridiculous mask.

“Okay. Did they go to Mexico city and are they sick?”


He then skeptically stethoscopes my chest and flashlights my throat.

“You don’t have the Swine Flu son.” I wanted to say ‘I know!’ but I’m sitting in the ER at 2:30am with a mask on my face, so I let the defense rest. “I’m going to prescribe you an anti-biotic for your throat and that should take care of the Bronchitis, Laryngitis or whatever it is you have”.

“Thanks doc” (How very scientific of you).

So, I don’t have swine flu and am feeling like a million pesos.



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