Jun 17, 2009

Mow Crew to be screened at Midpoint Music Festival

So, I just got confirmation that Mow Crew will be screened at Midpoint and the director, Taylor Toole, will be joining RethinkPopMusic and documenting our mini-tour. RethinkPopMusic will be taking The Vanguard, The Ambassadors and The Aviation Orange deep into the midwest in late September… dates and details coming soon.

Mow Crew Preview – Past Time For Leaving from Taylor Toole on Vimeo.

Mow Crew Preview – The Weatherman from Taylor Toole on Vimeo.

About Mow Crew:

Information about the film is outlined below and a press kit is attached, more info @ mowcrew.com. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions regarding the project.

Project History
•Filmed over 18 days in June 2008 entirely on Martha’s Vineyard – the first film to be allowed to do so since Jaws
•DI/Color/mix completed April/May 2009
•April 19th, 2009 – First public screening @ Boston Int’l Film Fest gets us favorable review in The (hipster-bitchy) Weekly Dig comparing us to Juno & Garden State and predicts top selling soundtrack on iTunes. Film wins The Indie Spirit Special Recognition Award at the festival.
•May 9th, 2009 – By way of saying “Thank You” to Martha’s Vineyard we hold two back to back screenings at the Capawock Theatre. We score three glowing newspaper articles and local radio and TV coverage that accompany the event. Both screenings sellout with many people being turned away. Adults of all ages enjoy the film, particularly it’s humor and music.
•Currently waiting to hear from fall festivals (will screen at Woods Hole Fest in July), seeking distribution (MV theater owners are trying to book Mow Crew for a full run on island later this summer).

•Shot on Super 16mm film, DI to HDCam SR master – we screen on all formats (our awesome colorist Bruce Bolden also did Vant Sant’s Elephant & Last Days)
•scripted 95min comedy
•R rated language, scenes of nudity, some violent situations
•features seven original songs performed by lead actor/musicians Aaron Lloyd Barr of NYC band The Vanguard (www.myspace.com/thevanguardatmyspace ) and Saara Untracht-Oakner of Boston band You Can Be a Wesley (www.myspace.com/youcanbeawesley )

•Janet Pierson of SXSW saw an unfinished version of the film, thought it was “funny and fresh” and offered to be a personal reference for the movie.
•I am the director/writer/editor and along with Aaron and Saara, this is my first feature film.


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