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Jun 16, 2009

The Ambassadors at Bonnaroo

Day 4.

Woke up feeling like absolute shit and smelling even worse. Saw Andrew Bird and felt a whole lot better. His voice sounds like Jeff Buckley, and that violin just sounds soo perfect. Really would love to catch him again. Snoop was a big disappointment; didn’t do anything but make the crowd say hey ho a lot and walk around the stage having his hype men do all the, well, all the hyping up instead of him which I guess is their job, but… Seriously pretty lame. Its really incredible how tired one can get after relaxing for 4 days. Glad to be back on the road, heading back to a shower.

Jun 15, 2009

The Ambassadors at Bonnaroo

Day 3. Uhhhh, wow. So much. Today was the perfect day. Saw Bon Iver, Wilco, The Boss, and Nine Inch Nails.

Bon Iver was really amazing; his voice sounds a million times better live than on his records. Haunting is the best way to describe it. Wilco… Ahh Wilco. So fucking good its a joke. Jeff Tweedy has one of the most incredible stage presences I’ve ever seen; that guy is a serious star, and not in an overexaggerated way either, but in a really cool Johnny Cash kinda way which is the best kind.

Here’s one of the highlights of the night: at Bruce Springstein’s set, this dude was sitting on the grass right infront of us with his girlfriend. In the middle of “Born to Run, I look over and the girl is going down on him right in front of everybody in the middle of the field. For a minute I was a little weirded out, then I thought: “this dude is probably having the time of his fucking life.” Getting a blowjob from his girlfriend and watching The Boss play a kick ass rendition of “Born to Run” WITH the fucking E street band. Baddass. Felt incredibly happy for him after that.

After Bruce, we went over to the “Which Stage” (there’s also the “what stage”, the “that stage”, the “this stage”, and the “other stage”) where Nine Inch Nails melted my face off. Trent Reznor commands that stage like a drill sergent on crack. At the end of the set he said that this was their last concert in the US ever, saying “I’m too old, I can’t keep fuckin doing this shit anymore.”

Didn’t know if he was kidding or not but it SERIOUSLY bummed me out. Glad the acid had worn off by then (also glad the other stuff hadn’t.)

Jun 12, 2009

What are you doing Saturday?

For 25 bucks you can see a better line-up than All Points West. RethinkPopMusic will be in attendance of the following shows:

2:00pm Union Pool Skeletonbreath $5

4:00pm Drink Up Buttercup Trophy Bar Free

4:45pm Motel Motel Public Assembly $10

6:15pm Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory Public Assembly

11:20pm The War on Drugs Union Pool $10

If you spot us you can buy us a drink…

Jun 12, 2009

Finally, maybe an album to get excited about

Now I don’t know who knows about Classixx, but I can’t wait for the new album, if one exists. The single “I’ll get you” came out on June 2nd and its my fucking summer anthem… despite this sketchy ass video by Cobra Snake.

Jun 12, 2009

The Ambassadors at Bonnaroo

Day 2:

“I’m experiencing some blunt trauma at the moment.” -Adam

Beastie Boys and Al Green tonighht…

Remember that movie twister? That’s more or less what happened last night. I thought I bought a tent but I guess I bought a shitty slip n slide instead. Slept in the car and toasted.

Noah almost lost his shoe

Ready to get fucked up again.

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