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Jun 11, 2009

The Ambassadors at Bonnaroo

Day 1 according to Sam:

Walked into a Walmart near the festival grounds at around 10:00 this morning; bought bananas, beer, apples, and a toothbrush. The Ambassadors-16 person van, Irene (as we have so tenderly named her), did really fucking well on her first road trip. So far we’ve put around 1000 miles on her and she’s still breathing and rolling along like a champ. I drove a good 4 hours, everyone else did about the same. We’re all exhausted, we smell already, the rain is taunting us at every turn, but we’re all pumped. I can’t wait to see the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy and Nine Inch Nails at 2 in the fucking morning!! Feels good to get out of the city before we get ready to record our EP. This southern air is going to do wonders for us. The drugs (prescription) will probably do some good too.

Jun 10, 2009

Northside Music Fest

Here is the full lineup. RethinkPopMusic and members of The Vanguard, The Ambassadors and The Aviation Orange will definitely be seeing Motel Motel, Skeletonbreath, The War on Drugs, Drink Up Buttercup, and The Art of Shooting. However, we did recommend more artists and we will be attending as many shows as possible. Cheers to Gothamist for putting together the best lineup and a HUGE thanks must go out to all the venues putting on free showcases for all us “Ballers on a Budget”.


Northside Opening Party
Brightblack Morning Light 11pm
Zomes 10pm
Mariee Sioux 9pm
With local organic rooftop BBQ by chef Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance; free Heineken Light served from 5-8pm.
Studio B
Doors at 5pm
$15 [Tickets], Indaba Music & Done to Death Projects present
Sia, JD Samson, Mark Alan Gray, Alex English
Artlog House (formerly Supreme Trading)
Doors at 8pm

Aagoo Records presents
Father Murphy 10:30
Bleven Blectum 9:30
Israel M. 8:30
Bruar Falls
Doors at 8pm

curated by Men & Women
S.S.P.S. (Porkchop from Excepter)
Men & Women 11pm
Julianna Barwick 10pm
Ducktails 9pm
Cameo Gallery
Doors at 8pm

The Albertans 11:30pm
Henry Wolfe 10:30pm
Bonnie Baxter 9:30pm
The Pleasure Circus Band 8:30pm
with secret surprise guests
Coco 66
Doors at 8pm

Superglorious presents
Class Actress midnight
Miho Hatori 11pm
Autodrone 10pm
Exit Clov 9pm
with DJ Captain Heartlock
GlassLands Gallery
Doors at 8pm

Wibutee (Norway)
Monkey Town
Doors at 10:30pm
$8 (plus $10 food & drink minimum); reservations recommended

The Hold Steady 10pm
Hype of the States 9pm
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Doors at 8pm
Individual tickets sold out; still open to festival badge holders

Modular presents
Tanlines midnight
Solid Gold 11pm
Free Energy (live) with DJ Clicktrax Jen 10pm
Public Assembly
Doors at 9pm
$5 with RSVP to

Strength in Numbers presents
Magic Markers, Marinie Stern, The Fly Girlz/Nine II Thesaurus, Dynasty Handbag
Shea Stadium
Doors at 8pm

Curated by Himalaya
Gigantic Hands 11:30pm
Himalaya 10:30pm
Discovery 9:30pm
Me 8:30pm
Spike Hill
Doors at 8pm

Uncensored Interview presents The Speakeasy: A Showcase of Transatlantic Alt-Folk
Ólöf Arnalds midnight
tba 11pm
Lisa Li-Lund 10:15pm
Sharon Van Etten 9:30pm
Ivana XL 8:30pm
Union Pool
Doors at 8pm
$10 [Tickets]

Cabaret Filet, Amazing Ghost
With DJ Team: The Electric Cowbell featuring Das Booty and Johnny Travolta.
Zebulon Doors at 9pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 12TH, Indaba Music & Doe to Death Projects present
Sheik residents: The Recovery, The Fear and Trembling, Julio & Roman, Sleepy & Boo, Connie, Memek, Pito: Biatch Corp, Andrew Vogt and more
Artlog House (formerly Supreme Trading)
Doors at 8pm

Ricky Forbes presents
11pm Darlings
10pm Fan-Tan
9pm Bar Matchless
Doors at 8pm

Kanine Records, Frenchkiss Records & Insound present
The Beets 1am
Drink Up Buttercup midnight***RPM APPROVED!
Zaza 11pm
Sean Bones 10pm
We Are Country Mice 9pm
with DJ sets by members of The Dodos and Dissenous + Hudson = The Andys (from Insound)
Bruar Falls
Doors at 8pm
$8 presents
The Albertans 1am
The Press midnight
Bottle Up and Go 11pm
The Art of Shooting 10pm ***RPM APPROVED!
Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic 9pm
Neckbeard Telecaster 8pm
Cameo Gallery
Doors at 7pm

Swallowed Up, Suburban Scum, Probable Cause, Turn It Up!, Straight Mangled
The Charleston
Doors at 7:30pm

Music for Data Ports & Shotclock Management present
AJ Roach midnight
Pepi Ginsberg 11pm
Paul Brill 10pm
The Callen Sisters 9pm
Coco 66
Doors at 8pm

FREEWilliamsburg presents
These Are Powers midnight
Javelin 11pm
Real Estate 10pm
Air Waves 9pm
Organs 8pm
Death by Audio
Doors at 7:30pm

KEXP presents
CHARLIE! 12:30am
Electric Tickle Machine 11:30pm
tba 10:30pm
Wild Yaks 9:30pm***RPM APPROVED!
Soft Black 8:30pm
Dinosaur Feathers7:30pm
Doors at 7pm

Cantora Records presents
The Willowz midnight***RPM APPROVED!
Savoir Adore 11pm
Acrylics 10pm
Your Nature 9pm
GlassLands Gallery
Doors at 8pm

Holly Throsby, Mattison
Monkey Town
Doors at 8pm
$5 (+$10 food/drink minimum)

Lewis Forever: Jungle Fervor!
Monkey Town
Doors at 11pm
$5 (+$10 food/drink minimum); reservations recommended

BrooklynVegan presents
John Vanderslice 11:20pm
The Tallest Man on Earth 10:15pm
Ólöf Arnalds 9:40pm
tba 9pm
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Doors for show and Brooklyn Vegan photo exhibition at 7pm
$15 [Tickets]

Mariee Sioux 10pm
Franklin Bruno 9pm
Jeff London 8pm
Pete’s Candy Store
Doors at 7pm

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted presents
front room:
Brilliant Sweaters 1am
Screaming Females midnight
Sisters 11pm
Dinowalrus 10pm
Grooms (ex-Muggabears) 9pm
The Great Unwashed 8pm
back room:
Home Video 1:30am***RPM APPROVED!
Eula 11:30pm
Palomar 10:30pm
Murder Mystery 9:30pm
The Rabbits 8:30pm
Public Assembly
Doors at 7:30pm

EAR FARM presents
Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers 11:30pm
tUnE-yArDs 10:30pm
The Secret Life of Sofia 9:30pm
pow wow! 8:30pm
Coyote Eyes 7:30pm
Spike Hill
Doors at 7pm

Sunset Rubdown 8:30pm***RPM APPROVED!
Witchies 7:30pm
Elfin Saddle 6:30pm
Studio B
Doors at 6pm
$17 [Tickets]

Ghostly International’s 10-Year Anniversary Bash
Lusine 2am
Michna 1am
Deastro midnight
DJ Mike Servito 11pm
Studio B
Doors at 11pm
$15 [Tickets]

Black Rock Coalition presents “Hold Our Ground”
The Exelar 1am
Investigative Reports midnight
BLK JKS 11pm
Swear on Your Life 9:45pm
Elevator Fight 8:45pm
Simi 8pm
The Trash Bar
Doors at 7:30pm

Panache Booking presents
Golden Triangle 11:20pm
Sightings 10:30pm
Pterodactyl 9:40pm
Aa 8:50pm
SCREENS 8:10pm
Union Pool
Doors at 7:30pm

The Burden’s Record Release Party
10:30pm Luke Winslow King Trio
9pm Zebulon
Doors at 9pm


The Battering Room presents
Bridges and Powerlines 6pm
pow wow! 5pm
Appomattox 4pm
The Pet Ghost Project 3pm
Family Lumber 2pm
with DJ Jeff K of The L Magazine & Merry Swankster
Bar Matchless
Doors open at 1pm

Sitcom Serf/Thru Windows presents
Wild Yaks 11:30pm***RPM APPROVED!
SUSU 10:30pm
The Boy Bathing 9:30pm
Adam Arcuragi 8:30pm
Bar Matchless
Doors open at 8pm

Real Talk Teen Showcase featuring
Grade 13 5:30pm
9 Eleven Thesaurus 4:30pm
Blame the Patient 3:30pm
Estrogen Jihad 2:30pm
Cameo Gallery
Doors open at 2pm

Jinners & Stark present
Xylos midnight
Jaymay 11pm
April Smith 10pm***RPM APPROVED!
Pursesnatchers 9pm
Tristen 8pm
Cameo Gallery
Doors at 7pm

The Van Pelt’s first-ever Brooklyn show, curated by The Van Pelt
The Van Pelt 11pm
The Holy Childhood 10pm
Ghost Gamblers 9pm
Coco 66
Doors at 8pm

IMPOSE presents
Gary War 12:30am
Dan Friel midnight
Pink Skull 11:30pm
Talk Normal 10:30pm
Anamanaguchi 10pm
Dinowalrus 9:30pm
Boogie Boarder 9pm
Golden Cities 8:30pm
dANA 8pm
Sisters 7:30pm
Say No to Architecture 7pm
Death by Audio
Doors at 7pm

Quo Vadis 8:30pm
Dark Faith 7:30pm
Revocation 6:30pm
Doors at 6pm

FiveAreSea (The New 5RC) presents
Dragons of Zynth 12:30am
tUnE-YaRdS 11:30pm
Chica Vas 10:30pm
Katie Eastburn 9:30pm
Bora Yoon 8:30pm
GlassLands Gallery
Doors at 8pm

The Loom, Phantogram
Monkey Town
Doors at 8pm
$10 food & drink minimum

RGB – Audiovisual Environment
Raw Q & special guest Love On the Run
Monkey Town
Doors at 11pm
FREE before midnight, $5 after

Kemado Records presents
O’Death 3pm
The Extraordinaires 2pm
Shellshag 1pm
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Doors at 12:30pm

Asobi Seksu 11:30pm
Cymbals Eat Guitars 10:30pm
Elika 9:30pm
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Doors at 8:30pm
$14, $16 day of show [Tickets]

Gothamist & Brooklyn Based present
Front room:
Aaron Behrens (of Ghostland Observatory) 6:15pm ***RPM APPROVED!
Motel Motel 4:45pm***RPM APPROVED!
Henry Wolfe 3:15pm
Back room:
Mia Riddle 5:30pm
Geoff Ereth 4pm
jacksonknife 2:30pm
followed by an afterparty at The Gutter
Public Assembly
Doors at 2pm
$8, $10 day of show

Knight School 10:30pm
World Atlas 9:30pm
Palmyra 8:30pm
Public Assembly, front room
Doors at 8pm

Sound Fix presents
Death Vessel 11:30pm
Twi the Humble Feather 10:45pm
BELL 10pm
Arrington De Dionyso (Old Time Relijun) 9:15pm
Teengirl Fantasy 12:30am
Weekends 8:30pm
Public Assembly, back room
Doors at 8pm
$12, FREE after 12:30am

Primordial Punk’s Midnight Peep Show
FunkFace 2am
Tamar-Kali 12:30am
The Maine Attraction 12:15am, 1:45am & 2:55am
Brown Girls Burlesque 1:25am
with DJ Ill Phil and artist Ruby Croak
Public Assembly, front room
Doors at midnight
$12 (includes a free Primordial Punk pin-up calendar), $5 (if you bring a previously purchased Primordial Punk calendar)

Quiet Color presents
Mirror Mirror 1:30am
Esque 12:30am
Post Honeymoon 11:30pm
NT 10:30pm
The Shivers 9:30pm
with DJ Niteline
Red Star Bar
Doors at 8pm

Less Artists More Condos presents
Blues Control midnight
Kurt Vile & the Violators 11pm
Woods 10pm
Grooms (ex-Muggabears) 9pm
Pygmy Shrews 8pm
The Shank
Doors at 7pm

Smirk & Babybunny present
And Everyone Laughed
a one-night-only musical circus spectacle, featuring the STREB dance company, Vicious Vaudeville and video and performance art curated specially for the event.
With musical performances by:
Wolf & Lamb 3:30am
Trus’ Me 2am
Worst Friends 1am
Jakub Alexander 11:30pm
Smirk 11pm
Freetime 10pm
Onno 9pm
S.L.A.M. Warehouse
Doors at 9pm
$20; more information at

The L Magazine presents Eight NYC Bands You Need to Hear (or, more accurately, Seven of the Eight)
Savoir Adore 6pm
Xylos 5:15pm
Emanuel & the Fear 4:30pm
Anamanaguchi 3:45pm
Darlings 3pm
pow wow! 2:15pm
The Albertans 1:30pm
Spike Hill
Doors at 1pm

Music Snobbery presents
Les Sans Culottes 11:30pm
Tiger! Tiger! 10:30pm
The Anabolics 9:30pm
Julia Haltigan & the Hooligans 8:30pm
Spike Hill
Doors at 8pm

Bishop Allen with special guests 8:30pm
Studio B
Doors at 6pm
$17 [Tickets]

Ninja Tune presents
Daedelus 2am
Poirier 1am
Megasoid midnight
Studio B
Doors at 11pm
$15 [Tickets] presents: Kiss the Sky
Honeychild Coleman 5pm
The Smyrk 4pm
Shelley Nicole’s Blakbushe 3pm
California King 2pm
with a special book signing and reading by former NPR host Farai Chideya, author of rock novel Kiss the Sky
The Trash Bar
Doors at 1pm

Curated by Apollo Heights
White Noise Supremacists 11pm
Apollo Heights 10pm
Your 33 Black Angels 9pm
‘68 8pm
The Trash Bar
Doors at 7:30pm

Hooves on the Turf presents
Special guests 6:30pm
Vandaveer 6pm
Adam Arcuragi 5:30pm
Sharon Van Etten 5pm
Glass Ghost 4:30pm
Drink Up Buttercup 4pm***RPM APPROVED!
Gracious Calamity 3:30pm
Luke Winslow-King 3pm
tUnE-yArDs 2:30pm
Afuche 2pm
Trophy Bar
Doors at 1pm

Ernest Jenning Record Co. presents
The Albertans 4:15pm
La Strada 3:30pm
Charles Burst 2:45pm
Skeletonbreath 2pm***RPM APPROVED!
Union Pool
Doors at 2pm

Chouette & No Quarter Records present
The War on Drugs 11:20pm ***RPM APPROVED!
Endless Boogie 10:30pm
Virgin Forest 9:45pm
Doug Paisley 9pm
Union Pool
Doors at 8pm

Josh Drukman’s special evening
with DJ & live music
Doors at 10pm

1928 Recordings presents
The Sundelles 5pm
Air Waves 4pm
Browns 3pm
Bruar Falls
Doors at 2pm

Social Registry presents
Mira Billotte (White Magic) with special guests
Bruar Falls
Doors at 8pm

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls presents
Faith 5:30pm
SwEEtie 4:50pm
High Teen Boogie 4:10pm
The Crinolines 3:30pm
Saffire 2:50pm
The White Noise Supremacists 2:10pm
Cameo Gallery
Doors at 2pm

The Music Slut presents
Teddy Blanks with special guests
Cameo Gallery
Doors at 7:30pm

BrooklynVegan presents
Second Floor
Doomriders 11:30pm
tbd 10:30pm
Javelina 9:40pm
Howl 8:50pm
Liturgy 8pm
First floor
Clouds 11pm
Sourvein 10pm
Cough 9:10pm
Wetnurse 8:20pm
Doors at 7pm

New York Night Train Presents
Coathangers 11pm
K-Holes 10pm
Ex-Humans 9pm
plus DJ Alix Brown
GlassLands Gallery
Doors at 9pm

Ava Luna, Data Dog, Candy Heart
Monkey Town
Doors at 8pm
FREE ($10 food & drink minimum); reservations recommended

Bill Callahan 10:40pm
Sir Richard Bishop and His Freak Of Araby Ensemble 9:30pm
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Doors at 8:30pm
$15 [Tickets]

Search & Restore presents
Steve Coleman and Five Elements 5:30pm
Kneebody 4:30pm
Andrew D’Angelo’s Gay Disco Trio 3:30pm
Ken Thomson’s Slow/Fast 2:30pm
Public Assembly
Doors at 2pm
$16; $13 for students

Popgun Booking & Zombieville present Zombieville XIV
Front room:
La Strada 11:30pm
Wild Yaks 10:15pm, 11:15pm***RPM APPROVED!
The Drums 10:30pm
Drawlings 9:40pm
Dinosaur Feathers 9pm
Public Assembly
Doors open at 8:30pm

Engine Room Recordings presents
Murder Mystery 11:30pm
Wakey! Wakey! 10:30pm***RPM APPROVED!
Bamboo Shoots 9:30pm
The Bloodsugars 8:45pm
Porter Block 8pm
Public Assembly back room
Doors open at 7:30pm

curated by Martin Bisi
SUSU 11:30pm
Kings Crescent (feat. members of The Fiery Furnaces) 10:30pm
Martin Bisi 9:30pm
Alina Simone 8:30pm
Kerry Kennedy 7:30pm
Spike Hill
Doors at 7pm

The Dodos 5pm
with Laura Gibson 4pm
Phil & the Osophers 3pm
Studio B
Doors at 2pm
$8 [Tickets]

Curated by Ponytail
Ponytail, Thank You and special guests
Studio B
Doors open at 9pm
$12 [Tickets]

Osiris presents
Crackula NYC 11pm
Lapdog of Satan 10pm
Bezoar 9pm
and special guests
Union Pool
Doors at 8:30pm

New York Night Train & Panache Booking present
DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin with special guests
Union Pool
Doors at midnight

Pure Horsehair, Candles of Paradise, Little Gold, Flower Mound, Dearest (with Mariee Sioux)
Doors at midnight

Jun 10, 2009

Some things just sound better in the studio

So, NPR just did a nice article about the Passion Pit live show but failed to mention one very important fact… Michael can’t sing.


Now I am not one to criticize without warrant and I am honestly a fan of Passion Pit. I have known the guys for a couple years now and even got Sleepyhead on MTVU when I worked there. But this new album, Manners, has the guys sounding far different (too good honestly) in comparison to the Chunk of Change EP. And I have a feeling these new Passion Pit fans are going to be gravely disappointed with what they get with the live show.


Obviously I have no remedy for this paradigm, but I thought Passion Pit had a great thing going and I know too much studio tweaking really hurts a band when they can’t reciprocate the sound live. Check out the NPR article below and a link to the set they played in DC. Also, read some of the article comments… not very nice.

ayaad-passion-pit-02-04-09-bowery-ballroom-best, June 9, 2009 – Passion Pit is poised to be one of the year’s breakout bands. Hailing from Cambridge, Mass., the brash and high-energy electronic outfit received a ton of hype thanks to last summer’s single “Sleepyhead,” a concise burst of blissful electronic pop. A year later, Passion Pit follows up its debut EP, Chunk of Change, with its first full-length album: Manners pairs that glossy, ebullient music with dark, soul-searching songs. Hear selections from Manners and more in a full concert recorded live from Washington, D.C. The show includes an opening performance by the Brooklyn-based band Harlem Shakes.

Passion Pit’s fun and danceable music is crammed with soaring synth leads, propulsive beats and rhythmic computer blips, falsetto vocals and relentless hooks.

The band originally began as the one-man effort of singer-songwriter Michael Angelakos to create a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend. Angelakos soon formed the full group in late 2007, adding Ian Hultquist (keyboards), Ayad Al Adhamy (synth/samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass) and Nate Donmoyer (drums).

The breezy rock group Harlem Shakes started generating buzz for its sparkling live shows in 2007 and released its full-length debut in March of this year. Technicolor Health has drawn comparisons to The Elephant Six Collective and Paul Simon. Harlem Shakes have toured with Deerhoof, Vampire Weekend, and Beirut, and opened for bands like Wire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Arctic Monkeys.

Jun 5, 2009

the Ambassadors – tonight!


Between (a Rock and a Hard Place)

kick off an evening or stay all night….

Coming up next:

06-12-09 – Double Release (Party)

with Superfortress, Puracane, the Looking and
Puppetbox plus special guests…

We’re off on June 19th

bumped for some corporate thing or
something… see you June 26th!

Thanks to our friends and sponsors…!

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Pyrat Rum


Hey there!

This week, funky rock and roll should be your
goal. Even if you are on the dole or have to
pay a toll. (Me, I just stroll.) Why go bowl
or watch others dance on a pole? Stay in
control with live rock and roll and open bar
– it’s good for your soul.

As always, drink your face off and rock
your…. um, you know….

This week’s lineup:

09:00 – the Thang

10:00 – Big Daddy Project

11:00 – Paper & Sand

12:00 – the Ambassadors

Special guest DJs St. Maxmus mix it up
before, between, and after…


Come dance the night away! You’ll be out very

Tonight’s info:

Free admission before 11 on the Underbelly list
me to RSVP at
) – $5
without; After 11, it’s $10 bucks.
Come early for the open bar (9-10 pm free rum
from Pyrat)
and stay late for the buckets of beer!
Check out our NEW Bourbon and Bud special
for $8 measly bucks too….
Mansion is located at 199 Bowery – that’s
Bowery and
Spring… click on the left for more deets.

Remember, RSVP
at the website
and we’ll put you on the

Paper and Sand
Friday 06-05-09
9 pm ’til late…
Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery (@ Spring)
RSVP at!

Click for directions…

RSVP to get on the list for free and reduced
admission! Click

– the New York Underbelly team

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