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Jul 31, 2009

And the winner is…

Freelance Whales! RethinkPopMusic’s first ever “Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is” showcase can only be described as an absolute success. All the bands; Julia Barry, Freelance Whales, Shoe and The Glorious Veins were incredible, however it was the Freelance Whales who edged out The Glorious Veins with a score of 136 to 134. Thanks to shoe from coming all the way from Detroit and getting the crowd dancing like no one else did all night. Also, if you haven’t heard Julia Barry live you are missing out. She has an exceptional voice and her skills on the keyboard impressed everyone, especially Casey from The Ambassadors.

RPM July 30th Flyer

A huge amount of gratitude is owed to our fantastic judges:

Laura Miller – MTV U
Sami Jarroush – RockItOut! Blog
Dan De Lara –
Ben Foxx – RethinkPopMusic
Greg Hewes – RethinkPopMusic

Here’s a video of Bob Berman introducing the judges:

Full HD footage of all the bands performing will be available soon…

This event would never have been a success if it weren’t for the amazing staff at Crash Mansion. Thanks to Stephanie and Mindy who made this idea a reality. We can’t wait to officially launch RethinkPopMusic at Crash Mansion on September 17th.

Here are some pics from the evening:


Judges Table
Judges Table 2

Crowd Pic

Julia Barry
Julia Barry

Freelance Whales
Freelance Whales 2


The Glorious Veins
The Glorious Veins

A very special thanks go out to our RethinkPopMusic artists The Vanguard, The Ambassadors and The Aviation Orange who were all in attendance to see who would accompany them to midpoint music festival. Here’s a pic of the back of The Aviation Orange’s heads!
The Aviation Orange Heads

We still have one more competition set for August 7th at Cameo. RSVP
RPM Aug 7th Flyer

Jul 30, 2009

Passion Pit on Jimmy Fallon

I am a huge Passion Pit fan, however don’t record something if you can’t play it live. I hear bass, but don’t see a bassist. Do they really need all three guys on keys? Also, is it just me or does Michael look lost as he wanders around the stage without his keyboard in front of him?

Jul 30, 2009


Come out tonight for RethinkPopMusic’s first “Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is” showcase. Open bar from 8-9 and only 5 buck with RSVP

RPM July 30th Flyer

Performances by:

8pm Julia Barry
9pm Freelance Whales
10pm Shoe
11pm The Glorious Veins

Appearances by:

Bob Berman – RethinkPopMusic
Dan De Lara –
Laura Miller – MTV U
Sami Jarroush –
Ben Foxx – Producer/Engineer
Gregory Hewes – RethinkPopMusic

Members from The Vanguard, The Ambassadors and The Aviation Orange will be in attendance.

Jul 29, 2009

NYC sends the homeless on worldwide vacation

Think they would send a homeless band on tour? It’s like volunteering for deportation. Next thing you know we will be filling planes with the homeless and airdropping them over North Korea.

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Jul 28, 2009

Miike Snow makes an impressive… looking video

Not only can I not stop listening to Miike Snow’s self titled debut, but the video for “Burial” is simply beautiful to watch. However it’s not an extraordinarily good fit to the music and the adjustments on the audio levels to coordinate with the scenes take away from the track. Not to mention the content of the video has nothing to do with a single lyric. Nevertheless, directors Daniel Wirtberg & Jonas Rudström have a keen seen of cinematography and it is a rather enjoyable watch.

Don’t miss Miike Snow this September when they play 2 Mercury Lounge gigs on the 15th and 16th with Jack Penate.


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