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Jul 21, 2009

Julian Casablancas “Phrazes for the Young” Preview

Well, if anyone could recover from a horrible Converse promo:

I guess it should be Julian. However, if you are hoping for more Strokesesque from his solo venture you will be hugely dissapointed. But from the looks of this video he may be after whole new demographic.


Jul 20, 2009

Jelly Pool Party

Yesterday I had the opportunity to check out Dirty Projectors live. While the backdrop for the new Jelly Pool Parties is utterly amazing…


and I got to catch up with Mike and Alex from The Aviation Orange

Bob and Mike

Mike and Alex

I still sat in utter confusion once the headliner began. While Dirty Projectors have great harmonies, innovative song structures and an impressive list of famous fans, someone needs to put down the guitar because he simply CAN’T play. The guitar play and the drumming seemed to contradict each other for most of the set with choppy starts and stops and little rythym. And as countless fingerpicks and riffs were off key or missed completely I was never able to get into the set. Anyways, even with a VIP pass these are the best pictures I cared to take.


From Behind

At least some people got to take their aggression out on each other…


I only have this blog.

Jul 19, 2009

Walkmen and Flaming Lips at Pitchfork

The walkmwn and flaming lips were awesome. One of the bad things about the festival format is the limited length of the sets, especially for the flaming lips. Felt like they should have played for another hour or two.

Obviously the light and theatrics of the flaming lips trumped the other acts.

I saw M83 also and really dug the grooves, been a while since i have listenened to them. Easy to get back into it.

It’s been an exhausting three days. Great music and minor sunburn.

Big hand to pitchfork for the awesome weekend, great food, good weather and great music.

Jul 19, 2009

Day three at pitchfork

The final day at pitchfork. Best weather so far. Started the day with Frightenend Rabbit and Blizten Trapper. Front of House sound was a little slow to get going on both stages, but stuff got balanced over time.

Wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of either sounds, I guess the performances really didn’t stick out and music wasn’t that that original or impressive. I guess I come pitchfork looking for uniqueness and undeniable talent.

The main stage has recieved a ‘flaming lips’ makeover, more stage lights, more color, should be awesome tonight.

I threw in a pic of a leopard I saw today, lookout!


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