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Jul 19, 2009

Siren 2009

Siren 2009 started out with a nice ride from Bushwick to Coney Island in Ben Foxx’s convertible. As we were listening to The Vanguard’s new EP the sun was shinning bright and a nice breeze was coming over the water. We get to Coney Island around 1:30 and unfortunately missed The Blue Van’s set (more about them soon enough) but Ben ran into his good Penthouse Pet friend.

Ben Foxx

We had a “couple” drinks in the VIP tent at the Main Stage before heading over to the Stillwater Stage to catch my good friends Bear Hands.

Dylan from Bear Hands

These guys have come so far since I smoked with Dylan on the street outside Hugs in Williamsburg three years ago. The set was incredible until…

Bear Hands with Das Racist

Not to say Das Racist was “bad” but a soundcheck to make sure the mics were loud enough would have been nice. However, a soundcheck probably would have given the Siren folks the ability to nix the cameo. Regardless, Bear Hands was far and away my favorite set of the day.

After Bear Hands we headed back to the tent for more drinks and elbow rubbing. The next set we caught was Frightened Rabbit.

Frightened Rabbit

They may have been a bit more interested in the audience than we were in their set.

After Frightened Rabbit we headed backstage at Stillwater to catch up with Bear Hands. Unfortunately, Bear Hands was not the most popular band due to Das Racist cleaning out everyone’s liquor. Bear Hands was sharing their tent with The Blue Van and this is where things got interesting.

The Blue Van

After debating Kings of Leon and the total clusterfuck that is the music industry we started chugging 96 proof rum and Jack Daniels. I ended up giving one of the guys the “Gentrify Your Borough” shirt right off my back and without hesitation he put it right on. Remember, it was 90 degrees all day and I am quite the sweaty guy… hahaha.

Gentrify Your Borough

If you have not listened to The Blue Van get your head out of your ass. Their new album “Man Up” is incredible guitar rock straight from Denmark. These guys make great music, don’t take themselves too seriously and I can’t wait to catch their live show.

As night fell on Coney Island their was only one more act to see… Built to Spill. While not overly impressive, mostly due to the poor vocal levels on the Main Stage, it was amazing to see such a legendary act from 5 feet away.

Built to Spill

Overall, Siren was a blast, Bear Hands played the best set and The Blue Van is my new band to watch. Now I am off to the Jelly Pool Party….

Jul 18, 2009

The National at Pitchfork

We camped out a bit early to get a decent seat at The National. It was well worth it, they legitamately suprised me by the performance.

They started with a slower song which had me worried it might stay slow the whole night, but they quickly brought it up to speed and really got it going. Great chemistry between all the members of the band (including twins). Good stuff.

Pretty exhausted, caught some sushi after leaving the show. Looking forward to Day 3.

Got some decent pictures also this time, check it:

Jul 18, 2009

The National coming soon to Pitchfork

Getting ready for the national

Jul 18, 2009

Flatstock at pitchfork

No, flatstock is not a band, but instead a huge collection of show poster designers displaying/selling their stuff. Pretty awesome stuff from and for tons of artists around the nation.

There also are a few tents dedicated to record labels, pretty much every indie label is represented.

Weather has cleared up, only thing that sucks now is the wait for the bathrooms….

Still up tonight: Beirut, matt and Kim, the black lips and the national…. Things are looking good

Jul 18, 2009

Yeasayer at pitchfork

Yeasayer rocked it, crowded clapping and dancing. Through rain and shine it ripped. So far the best act.


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