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Jul 18, 2009

Day two – pitchfork

Day two kicks off at pitchfork music festival in Chicago’s Union Park. What’s better after breakfast than listening to ‘Fucked Up’ and having the lead singer eat a beach ball. I heard it’s good protein.

Anyway, moved over to check out ‘The Antlers’ very solid, check them out.

All the stages are open today and it’s getting more crowded every minute. I’ll try to get some better pictures as they all look the same. (blame he iPhone). I brought my camerA today so I will upload those real shots at the end of the day.

Jul 17, 2009

Built to Spill – Pitchfork

Friday night at Pitchfork Music Festival ended on a very good note. Built to Spill was awesome, you can tell when a band has played together for a while, they hit everything. Set the bar pretty high for tomorrow’s acts.

Day One at Pitchfork was successful. Learned to stay away from Sparks and was glad I wore layers. Tommorrow’s high is only 68 in Chicago, I’m sure the performers weren’t planning on having to warm up their hands for their show in mid-July.

Time for sleep, greg

Jul 17, 2009

The jesus lizard – pitchfork

The jesus lizard knows how to start the show. Straight dive into the crowd at the beginning of the first few songs. They rock though, and have brought a lot of energy to the festival… And it’s packed here now, beer line is about 200 people long, debating another sparks but the first one felt like the first mistake of the festival.

Waiting for built to spill to take the stage. It’s getting cold, sleeves are down.

Jul 17, 2009

Pitchfork – yo la tengo

Yo la tengo rocking the suburb, mom looks aggresive on the drums

Jul 17, 2009

Arrived at pitchfork

Smaller lineup tonight, only four bans to get things started. Tortoise is playing, warming it ip with some smooth jams.

Pitchfork isn’t messing around with the drink sponsors this year, goose island and sparks. Any better combo?


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