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Jul 6, 2009

The Vanguard at Exit Festival


Converse Exit Music Live Stage this year too brings you new and freshly baked sounds of names you are yet to hear about. Performing at his stage are young bands, winners of the performers competition that lasted from 17th March to 18th May.

This year, more than 600 new performers applied for this competition, and many bands with previously existing accounts updated them and re-applied. you can see their work and listen to their music, just to have a preview, and decide who you want to give a chance to.

At Exit Festival, stages where you can learn something new about music are not a novelty, and Converse Exit Music Live Stage, is definitely forward-looking, being that bands who perform actually get their first big shot righ here. Come support your friends and learn something new. CHECK OUT THE VANGUARD ON SATURDAY, JULY 11th!

Thursday, July 9 2009
Sizife, daj kamen! 20:15
Zircus 21:00
Project M.O:F 21:45
Polimorf 22:30
Autopark 23:15
Sopot 00:15
Stranded 01:15
High Control 02:00
Friday, July 10 2009
Vibrator u Rikverc 20:15
Pandora 21:00
Memlah 21:45
Line Out 22:30
Dub Rebellion 23:15
Žene Kese 00:15
Noviot Početok 01:15
Stuttgart Online 02:15
Saturday, July 11 2009
The Vanguard
Srebrna kiša kerozina 21:00
Ringišpil 21:45
Bambu 22:30
Iskaz i svedoci 23:15
PMGKolektiv 00:15
Face it 01:15
SAJSI 02:00
Sunday, July 12 2009
Fade 20:15
Nikad dosta 21:00
Inje 21:45
Star Collapse 22:30
Groove Orchestra 23:15
Teški Zulum 00:15
Shoplifters 01:15
Kanal Tvid 02:00

* Line-up and performance times are subject to change.

Jul 2, 2009

Holy Shit Holy Ghost!

Ok, I know this may be “disco” but I I have never seen a video compliment the era a song is trying to project so well. You can go get the MP3 for free from Green Label Sound. Also, according to GBH none of this footage is stock… pretty cool use of vintage cameras.

Check the video out here because I couldn’t find it anywhere to embed.


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