Aug 28, 2009

Motel Motel, BM Linx and some other stuff

What happened last night?

First, Luke from The Vanguard and I took my sweet van to Mercury Lounge to catch Motel Motel.


Fresh off their tour of Egypt…


Despite the politically incorrect comments (hilarious) and the Islamic grammar lessons, Motel Motel played an amazing set. I noticed Eric played more guitar than usual and the elongated bridges and tempo changes made every song sound brand new.



Unfortunately we had to leave before These United States to catch our friends BM Linx at Crash Mansion. Luckily the show was running behind schedule and we were able to see The Hot Rods and the longest mic cord on earth.



Finally, post midnight, BM Linx took the stage and did not disappoint. Not only are these guys crazy talented, they are the most modest down-to-earth people out there.



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