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Aug 14, 2009

Ambassadors and The Vanguard share a stage

For the first time ever, Ambassadors and The Vanguard will share a stage next Friday at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. And don’t forget all three of our artists will share a stage for the first time September 17th at the RethinkPopMusic launch party.


Aug 11, 2009

And the winner is…

Sydney Wayser!

The second RethinkPopMusic “Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is” showcase was a great success. We personally want to thank Sydney Wayser, The Narrative, Finding Fiction and Kingsfoil for playing. With Sydney Wayser edging out Kingsfoil by a couple points our judges were forced to make another tough decision. But don’t worry, Kingsfoil will be back in NYC before you know it.


Thanks judges!



He’s the only one not writing on his score card…

Special thanks to Tom from Atlantic Sound Studios! Tom had to step in at the last minute and replace Ben Foxx who was meeting a RethinkPopMusic deadline with an upcoming CD101 project (details coming soon).


And check out this view from Atlantic Sound Studios


Without a doubt these events would never by possible without the RethinkPopMusic team… some of who remain anonymous to this day.





Aug 10, 2009

Murder Rebel Radio #4

mrr logo
RethinkPopMusic will be posting the podcasts of our good friends over at Murder Rebel Radio. Bryan, Adam, Brandon and Brett perform a weekly podcast mocking current news and being extremely entertaining, they are hilarious. Put in your headphones and check these guys out.

Download MRR #4

On MurderRebelRadio this week:
Bryan and Adam had to carry the burden of talking shit and being foul mouthed without the help of Brandon and Brett. Today we learned of Bryan’s fear of midwest poverty, Adams dream of being reincarnated into a bald eagle, and of course more hatred for the government.

Aug 6, 2009

Hank and Cupcakes at Cameo

Here’s a video we shot of Hank and Cupcakes playing Cameo with The Ambassadors. Speaking of cameos… can you spot The Vanguard in the crowd. Hank and Cupcakes will be joining RethinkPopMuisc at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati on September 25th.

Aug 5, 2009

Peter Bjorn and John Secret Show

After attending the Fearless Music television show taping of our good friends Hypernova at Crash Mansion, Luke and David (of The Vanguard) and myself headed to Rockwood Music Hall to see a secret Peter Bjorn and John show. After spending some time talking and name dropping to the pirate of a door man we were allowed inside. I have to admit that I was seriously impressed with the direct manner in which the trio took the stage. Seriously, there was no sound check… unless you count the first song where the guitar was in the wrong key and therefore whoever was on the piano just kind of sat there. Nevertheless with “borrowed” instrument (PB&J’s were already en route to Chicago) the set sounded great. The guys seemed genuinely happy to play for no more the 75 people and actually included some tracks from their first EP. This is confusing because I always thought these types of shows are to promote new albums?! Oh well, here are some pics:





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