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Aug 4, 2009

RethinkPopMusic Showcase #2

We still have one more artist to bring with us to Midpoint Music Festival. Who will it be?

RPM Aug 7th Flyer

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Aug 4, 2009

All Points West 2009

As many of you know I had a bit of a problem with the police at All Points West last year. That being said, I had no intentions of returning this year. However, since the doors didn’t open until 4pm on Sunday due to weather I figured I could score a ticket mad cheap. So I grabbed a car, a couple of friends and we set out to the fine state of New Jersey.

APW 2009

Shockingly, traffic wasn’t bad and we made it across Manhattan and through the tunnel in a jiffy. However, this last minute adventure and lack of preparation would come to bite me in the ass.

APW 2009 2

We arrived in time to see Lykki Li and Echo and The Bunnymen. I was wearing my limited edition Jeff Grosso Vans and was doing my best to avoid the 12 inch deep sewage-water, pock-marked landscape.

APW 2009 3

However by the end of the Bunnymen set the sun went down and avoiding the dangerously swamp-like areas of the park became nearly impossible. My abnormally small friends were much more nimble in negotiating the landscape but “Big tree fall hard!”

APW 2009 7

APW 2009 5

Luckily for me MGMT mucked it up with all their fans and no one seemed to care who smelled like sewage and who smelled like sweat. People actually wanted to be there. The music was OK, the sound was far from audible, but the overall vibe was incredible. Despite getting totally ripped off the attendees on Sunday were in high spirits and MGMT definitely took advantage. Not to mention their crowded destroyed Coldplay’s.

APW 2009 10

APW 2009 6

APW 2009 4

However as the crowd dispersed and we began our trek back, one questioned remained… how are our filthy asses going to get back in the car?

APW 2009 11


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