Aug 25, 2009

So Happy Together: The Vanguard and Ambassadors

The Vanguard and Ambassadors shared a stage for the first time Friday at Trash Bar. If this first performance is a precursor of what’s to come with all the upcoming tours, RethinkPopMusic has plenty to look forward to. The vibe in the place was incredible (thanks to the open bar) and cameos from Sam from Ambassadors and Saara from You Can Be A Wesley during The Vanguard’s set was electric. Thanks to DJ Mojo for putting the bill together, Luiggi for the pics, the RPM staff for all their hard work and all the people who made it out.



The reading wrestler…


Saara from You Can Be A Wesley is too cute to be hanging out with us.



Sam sings so loud he doesn’t even need the mic.



Adam from Ambassadors: “Who let a wrestler on stage?”


RethinkPopMusic’s Art Director, Johnnie Kravetz, remains faceless…


Hypernova made an appearance…


The RethinkPopMusic staff are fans too…


The site of David Z shirtless made Aaron explode!


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