Oct 15, 2009

London Day 4

After an insane night with the boys in Right Turn Left, we were all relieved that we didn’t have to play a show today. However, we did need to travel to Camden where The Vanguard and Ambassadors were asked to film episodes on Balcony TV.

The Vanguard played an amazing acoustic rendition of “Both Sides”


and Ambassadors played a version of “Keys” that may overshadow the original.


Performances should be online relatively soon!

After the taping we hung about Camden for a bit before heading to the White Heat party in SoHo.


We roll up to Madam JoJos 12 dudes deep and there is a line down the block. FUCK! Nevertheless, with a few “don’t you know who we are”s we miraculously go straight in and catch the end of Yacht’s performance… which was pretty much just like this:

The party itself was a good time thanks to the Absinthe and cheap Stella.

Kravedick Beer

Oh, CobraSnake was there and we ended up on his website. Couple pics:

Bob, Noah, Rasko

KraveDick Cobrasnake

We play The Windmill in Brixton tomorrow… where Yeasayer played their first London gig and then the MASSIVE Laissez Faire Club show on Thursday at The Legion.


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