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Oct 23, 2009

RethinkPopMusic Covers CMJ

New Villager review through the eyes and ears of Alex Beninato of The Aviation Orange

New Villager – Bowery Poetry Club – 10/21/09

New Villager must pride themselves on their stage ingenuity to pull off their dense sound. The fact that the band is only a duo (made up of Ben Bromley & Ross Simonini) must have forced them to get creative with their stage instrumentation. They don’t take the easy backing track way out that is the downfall of many bands now a days. The pair actually play their drum parts with their feet as they interchangeably play keyboards, bass, guitar, and sing. This combined with looping pedals allows the band to create a sound that seems like it would take about 4 people to make. It also keeps the set from getting stale and lifeless. We’ve all heard horror stories of MGMT’s live shows, I can assure you this is not a problem with New Villager. Although their style is a bit similar to MGMT, New Villager comes off a bit trippier. They move from pop to soul to psych. Their playing at Bowery Poetry Club was extremely tight and the band had great energy. I enjoyed their set tremendously. Despite this they didn’t really get the crowd into it. It seemed as though the audience didn’t know how to react to their music. There were a lot of blank stares. Maybe everyone was too enthralled with their show to move or maybe they were all waiting for the next band.





After Bowery Poetry we made are way to the Purevolume house where massages almost distracted from the amazing music of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.

MBAR hit the stage with a brand new band and made us very excited for a hopefully upcoming follow up to his epic Self Titled debut.

Bowery Ballroom with Temper Trap and The Postelles reviewed by Bob Berman of RethinkPopMusic.

Already familiar with both acts I was in attendance as more of a friend/fan than angry journalist. The Postelles play straight forward pop/rock very much the likes of their obvious predecessors The Strokes and The Ramones. However, The Postelles add a sexy element that obviously gives them more mainstream appeal and rock much more lighthearted singalong choruses. While The Postelles are New York favorites and definitely in the running as the new LES torchbearer a little more refinement and variety in the setlist would definitely expedite the process.

Following The Postelles was Temper Trap who are riding on the epic single Sweet Disposition. Unfortunately, that was the only song worth hearing. While frontman Dougie Mandagi has a voice that is unparalleled their songs seem to blend into each other leaving the audience unable to differentiate. Nevertheless, riding the buzz off the first single will definitely allot for a plenty of ears to give a follow up a fair shake.

Oct 23, 2009

London Day 8



On our last night in London it was obvious we were feeling our candles burn at both ends.





Nevertheless, Eight Legs were kind enough to let two New York bands play their On the Bus showcase at Powers Bar and we were more than happy to soldier through.


We were able to find energy in the most random places


Ambassadors went on first and killed it as always





Next The Vanguard took the stage with a little help from their friends



The Vanguard played so well that we received our first encore of the trip and they were more than happy to oblige with “Take You Out”


While the night started out with a dozen Americans on the verge of passing out, it ended up being one of the best shows of the trip.







We even made some new fans who invited us to a 3am rave party… we never showed





Oct 19, 2009

London Day 7

We had our second day off on Friday and Jeremy took us to see Ice Black Birds. at The Macbeth.


Ice Black Birds is the second project of Sam Dennison who used to front The Matadors. According to their myspace: “IBB are a bluesy four piece from Brighton via London. They draw influence from 60s and 70s rock ‘n’ roll. They formed from the ashes of old London, Sheffield and Scottish bands and seem set to bring a fresh burst of modern blues back into the industry. The energy created on stage by this band is second to none and with catchy songs that maintain their own dignity, they are most definitely one to watch for 2009. They have already been hand picked by the likes of Golden Silvers, Joe Gideon and The Shark, Wave Machines and We Have Band to support them on tour and played various venues across the country such as Concorde 2, Club NME and Proud Galleries amongst others.”

I thought their guitar and bass play were exceptional and although Sam doesn’t have the extensive range expected of American acts, he commanded the stage like few can. I also heard some definite dance influences in many of the song breakdowns especially when they threw in a cover or two. Great band to check out if they make it here.

We called it an early night because we have one last show to play tomorrow before heading back to NYC for CMJ. Day 8 coming soon plus a full recap of the entire trip.

Murder Rebel Radio 14: Brett, What Did You Do To My Brain?

Wanna hear what it sounds like when we record a day early? Adam drank water, Brandon went thirsty, and Brett did something to Bryan’s brain. I think it is funny that we ran out of gas at one point. It is uncomfortable and that is our favorite kind of radio.

[flashvideo file= /]

Oct 17, 2009

London Day 6

So they day finally came for the official Laissez Faire Club vs RethinkPopMusic showcase at The Legion.


The Vanguard kicked things off and despite the fact that Aaron could barely speak all day he was still able to play a terrific set… with a little help from his friends. Ambassadors took the stage next and had the crowd in hysterics despite the fact that Casey’s keyboard lost power half way through the last song of the set. Despite technical difficulties he handled it like a pro and the crowd was none the wiser.


Sam and Casey

My Tiger My Timing closed the night and then the real party began…

My Tiger My Timing

My Tiger My Timing 2

Jeremy was kind enough to invite the bands back to Chelsea for some after-hours fun, but didn’t exactly realize that there were thirty of us. So the entire entourage marched down the street and got onto the double-decker bus. We immediately commandeered the entire top floor and a jam session ensued.







After the INSANE jam session on the bus, which we have video evidence of, we headed to Jeremy’s. This is where things got weird… in the best way possible.








A little Eastern Europe Dance Party!


Adam, Kravedick and Bob

Gymnastics time?




I was confused


And then it was “chill” time




Or pass out time depending on the tolerance



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