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Oct 14, 2009

London Day 3

Our third day in London was far and away the most interesting to date. Ambassadors were scheduled to play The Tooting Tram and Social for the Sex Soup and Music party that Right Turn Left throws every week. Once again we found the name of a tube stop HILARIOUS!


The venue, Tooting Tram and Social, was amazing. It used to be an old railroad car depot and has these amazing 40+ foot cathedral ceilings that make the acoustics massive. The Ambassadors took the stage around 9:30pm and played absolutely brilliant despite having no monitors. The same can definitely be said for Right Turn Left, whom according to everyone there have expanded their musical prowess exponentially in the last few months. Regardless, I thought they were exceptional!



Unfortunately, The Tube stops running somewhere close to Midnight, so we had to decide whether to miss Right Turn Left’s set or the last train home. Fortunately, Right Turn Left made that decision quite easy when they informed us of their 6 bedroom house down the block. Assuring us that they, the entire bar staff and most of the crowd would party with us until The Tube began running again at 6:00am was all we needed.


As the entourage made our way through the streets of Tooting it instantly became clear that this was going to get out of hand instantly . We arrive at the house and a “Can’t Hardly Wait” style party is already in full affect.



People had a lot of “energy”
Someone in our crew made out with the bartender
A certain musician got better looking as the night went on
The Vanguard and Ambassadors are the masters of the house party jam session
Kravetz doesn’t like annoying dudes who pretend to be “Pirates” form Atlantic Records
Seeing the sunrise gives me a sense of accomplishment


Oct 12, 2009

London Day 2

Today was a wild one with Sam (Ambassadors), Rasko and David (The Vanguard) flying in this morning and having to play separate Communion gigs in the evening. Because Ambassadors had to travel all the way to Brighton (1.5 hours by train) Jeremy and I elected to accompany them to Audio and leave The Vanguard to their own devices at Notting Hills Arts Club in London.

The train ride was a bit tedious, but the phrase: “Jeremy, your cunt is beautiful” never got old. (reference to the incredible countryside) Unlike The Vanguard we arrived to our gig on time for soundcheck and a threatening “ass kicking” by some degenerate footballl fan outside the club while having a cigarette.

Brighton and Audio is amazing! The venue sits on a road that hugs the coastline two blocks from a legit boardwalk… carnival and all!


Ambassadors took the stage around 8:30pm and absolutely killed it! At one point in the night I was convinced that Sam may break the stage.


Ambassadors played the best set I have ever heard from them, and the comments people were making, including the other bands were unbelievable. It was quite impressive!




Right after Ambassador’s set Jeremy and I hitched a ride with Adam from Virgin Records to meet up with The Vanguard, which was unfortunate because I would have loved to see La Shark. Such rad guys and a crazy unique sound.


While we missed The Vanguard’s set, it was obvious they had an equally great experience, when we noticed everyone in the crowd were wearing their pins.


Ambassadors play Sex Soup & Music at the Tooting Tram & Social w/ Right Turn Left. If the rest of the trip is even half as good as the first night we may never come home!

We have lots more pics and video content of the show, just missing a key charger and cord to get the rest up on here.

Oct 11, 2009

London Day 1

With half of the crew flying in Friday night and the other today we were able to avoid any pesky customs inquiries… in regards to work visas. However, getting piss drunk on the flight because Virgin Atlantic offers free booze throughout the ENTIRE flight is another beast all together. Just to get an idea of what I mean, myself, Noah and Kravetz drank every drop of beer and whiskey Virgin Atlantic had on board and at one point probably around 5:00am we were taking shots in the back galley while some of the female crew members watched in disgust/admiration? It was hard to tell…



I have to admit that the Virgin Atlantic staff was exceptionally accommodating and we certainly pushed them to the limit.


We arrived at Heathrow early Saturday morning which mildly confused and severely disappointed Aaron because he thought we were going to Disney World.


Shockingly customs was a breeze and thanks to Virgin Atlantic all of our gear came out in great shape. Because we are all staying in different parts of London (No Red Roof Inns) Casey, Noah and Adam of Ambassadors along with Kravetz jumped in a cab and headed east. Myself along with Aaron and Luke from The Vanguard elected to try The Tube.


According to Jeremy Lloyd (Laissez Faire Club) in his cute accent: “It’s quite obvious that you are Americans because they are the only riders who carry-on in conversation on The Tube.” I think the fact that we giggled like school children at every stop because a lady’s voice came over the loudspeaker announcing: “Last stop… Cockfosters.” Hahahahahahaha!

Anyways, I arrived at Jeremy’s flat in Chelsea as The Vanguard headed to King’s Cross. I spent the afternoon purchasing a cell phone and grabbing some food. That evening we hung at the local pub, until it closed at 11:00pm?! So Jeremy and I met up with the boys in Kingsize and went to some super sketchy basement disco party. After getting our fill on 8 pound drinks we began discussing a full European tour over the ridiculous rave rendition of Billy Jean. Around 3am I started feeling the effects of the jet lag/insomnia so we grabbed a couple Kebabs, a bottle of Jim Beam and headed back to the flat.

Observations from night 1:

Virgin Atlantic are enablers of drunk musicians
RethinkPopMusic will only fly Virgin Atlantic
Cockfosters is still hilarious
Chelsea is very much like the Upper East Side… chochbag finance guys included
I am going to spend waaaaaaay too much money on this trip

Today, I am going to meet with Jeremy’s contact at Virgin Records then we are going to Brighton for Ambassadors’ Communion show at Audio. Immediately after the set we are going to haul ass back to London and hopefully catch the end of The Vanguard’s Communion set at Knotting Hills Arts Club. Lots to do!

Murder Rebel Radio 13: Murder Rebel Radio Gives Back

We put a lot of bad energy in the air for the past 12 weeks. We want to apologize for that and put some good vibes out there. Bryan gave an etiquette quiz to Adam, Brett, and Brandon. We also help Dear Abby give real advice. This show is just our way to try to heal the world.

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Oct 7, 2009
Comments Off on New shows announced in New York, NY – Manhattan, NY – Washington, DC

New shows announced in New York, NY – Manhattan, NY – Washington, DC

The Vanguard has recently added the following shows.

October 20, 2009 – New York, NY – Ella Lounge
Time : 9:30 PM

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October 22, 2009 – Manhattan, NY – Crash Mansion
Address: 199 Bowery St – Map
Time : 8:00 PM

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October 28, 2009 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall
Address: 196 Allen St – Map
Time : 10:30 AM

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November 5, 2009 – Washington, DC – The Velvet Lounge
Address: 915 U St – Map
Time : 8:30 PM
The Art of Shooting
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