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Murder Rebel Radio 12: The Chuck And A Tard Experience

Wheelchair bound vigilantes, poop covered maniacs, and a fucking Bangladeshi rat killing champion all get what’s coming to them. We also attacked the age old question of breath holding or flying, which is the best skill? Bryan is either the top of the heap, or the retarded guy. Find the answers to these questions and more.

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Oct 4, 2009

RethinkPopMusic is crossing the pond…

Thanks to Jeremy Lloyd and Laissez Faire Club:

Jeremy LLoyd

RethinkPopMusic will be taking The Vanguard and Ambassadors to London to play a slew of shows. Thanks to Virgin Atlantic Airlines for helping us out with the tickets and supporting independent musicians everywhere!


The Vanguard

Sunday 11 October – Communion @ Notting Hill Arts Club, London w/ Lunar Youth & Beans On Toast
Tuesday 13 October – Oakford Social Club, Reading
Wednesday 14 October – The Windmill, Brixton, London w/ Ambassadors & The Collectable Few
Thursday 15 October – Laissez Faire Club @ The Legion, London w/ Ambassadors & My Tiger My Timing
Saturday 17 October – Powers Bar, Kilburn, London w/ Ambassadors


Sunday 11 October – Communion @ Audio, Brighton w/ Lyrebirds, La Shark & Hot Feet
Monday 12 October – Sex Soup & Music @ Tooting Tram & Social w/ Right Turn Left
Wednesday 14 October – The Windmill, Brixton, London w/ The Vanguard & The Collectable Few
Thursday 15 October – Laissez Faire Club @ The Legion, London w/ The Vanguard & My Tiger My Timing
Saturday 17 October – Powers Bar, Kilburn, London w/ The Vanguard

Oct 2, 2009

Midpoint Music Festival

Tuesday, September 22nd:

With the help of U-Haul and Red Roof Inns, RethinkPopMusic, The Vanguard, Ambassadors, The Aviation Orange, Eastkoast and Hank & Cupcakes left NYC and headed to the heart of the Midwest in 3 U-Hauls, 2 band Vans and a truck to play the Midpoint Music Festival.

uhaul 02

Wednesday, September 23rd:

Our first stop was Columbus where we set up shop on The Ohio State University campus for some street performances to promote our show that night at The Summit.


Cbus Jam


After passing out 1250 fliers and 5 hours in the sun we packed it up and headed to The Summit for the first gig of the tour. (Video Content Coming Soon)

Oval Jam

Thursday, September 24th:

Early in the morning we headed south to Miami University. At 70 miles an hour and using the factory stereo as a monitor we recorded a live track in the back of the van featuring The Vanguard’s Luciano Rovner on Keys, Ben Foxx on Protools, The Aviation Orange’s Alex Beninato on electric guitar and Eastkoast on the mic. While the track is far from a hit, we got a great cut and plenty of video footage of the process. (coming soon) Ben was so excited that he started mixing the track when we stopped for lunch.

Ben Foxx


Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from any street performances so we took to the basement of an abandoned frat house for some old fashion fun.

Beer Pong


Sam with flag Ambassadors scared

Aaron on dirt couch

The Aviation Orange Cards

Group Shot

Luckily we had Ben to corral the troops and record an acoustic track because a certain CEO was a bit “sleepy”.

Ben recording in basement

Basement Recording

Bob in Chair

After our basement recording session we headed to The Balcony to do what we do best… perform. Despite butting heads with the venue’s “audio engineer” who was a cross between Santa Clause and a ZZ Top roadie we played to a packed house and took FULL advantage of college priced drinks (2 bucks for a 32 ounce beer).

Once again feeling quite “sleepy” we skipped staying overnight at the abandoned frat house and went to Red Roof to rest up for the big Midpoint Music Festival performance.


Friday, September 25th:

We finally make it to Cincinnati for Midpoint Music Festival’s RethinkPopMusic Showcase. To be completely honest, we were all shocked by the turnout. With well over 200 people through the door we could hardly believe our eyes. The crowd was amazing, the bands all played the best sets I have ever heard and the genius that is Ben Foxx made them all sound incredible.


Aaron and Sam


Sam and Mike

Aaron Sam Cupcakes


Aaron wearing HC shirt


Bob Sleeping

I want to genuinely thank everyone who made this tour possible. The love between all the artists was insane and RethinkPopMusic is no longer a company, but a family. You guys are great and things are only going to get better! We will be sure to let you know when the video content is ready!


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