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Murder Rebel Radio 20: Brought to You By The Fine Folks At Sylvania!

[flashvideo file= /] We make the required amount of black Friday jokes that any comedy show has to make the week of Thanksgiving. We had technical problems that killed the flow not once but twice, but this time you get a surprise out of Brett.

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Murder Rebel Radio 19: A Bloody, Engorged, What?

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Bryan bragged about the badass field goal he kicked. We had technical difficulties and Brett said the most vile thing I have ever heard on the show. We wonder how the fuck 2 adults could agree to taze a 10 year old. We also learned what it takes to make sure your kid isn’t a pussy.

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Nov 19, 2009

Ambassadors at Cameo

Since Casey is recovering from a successful kidney transplant we figured you Ambassadors fans should get a live performance to hold you over till February.

Nov 16, 2009

The Aviation Orange on mtvU

Check out The Aviation Orange’s debut music video for “Radio” on mtvU. You can vote for them to win The Freshman which propels them into heavy rotation.

Murder Rebel Radio 18: A Perfect Future

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What If Stealing was a game? Why can’t old people do whatever the fuck they want? What the hell did Bryan get on his forehead this week. Learn all of that and more on Murder Rebel Radio 18. We are doing a live show Sunday while Bryan kicks a field goal. Check for details.


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