Jan 27, 2010

“Pink” by Boris: Very Heavy Please

 The band Boris is as heavy as space and just as icy. They are: Takeshi, Wata and Atsuo. A three piece power squad hailing from Japan. All share vocals. A favorite music video of mine, “Pink,” off their 2005 album sharing the same name.

The video is mesmerizing but simple. Stained bright pink the musicians play live while the camera focuses on their fingers and faces as they maneuver fretboards. Takeshi plays a double-neck guitar which is always awesome to behold, especially when played so well.

The main melody which is sung is instantly strange and memorable. It’s a continuous exhale that descends firmly. I can’t make out the Japanese lyrics but the delivery is quintessential early 90’s rock . A strong Melvins influence and even a little Bush. The drumming is hard but snappy, and his playing  reminds me of “The Numbers Song” by DJ Shadow. Boris is also featured on the soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s flim The Limits of Control. I can’t get enough of this song, it is steady start to finish.

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