Apr 22, 2010

Indidginus Remixes The Vanguard!

Indidginus, AKA Michael Martin, didgeridoo player, electronica artist, remixer and DJ from South Africa has done an amazing remix of The Vanguard’s first single, “Both Sides”. Download it for free below!

His deep catalog of  both ambient and dance tracks are quite amazing and his live performances have  taken him from South Africa to the UK and other parts of the world. His collaborations include work with members of The Shamen and The Orb.

For all those unschooled on the didgeridoo, Indidginus is the best I’ve heard and watching him jam out on top of his unique blend of electronica is quite transcendent.

Here’s a taste below and be sure to check out  http://www.deviantdidg.com for all things Indidginus!!!

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