May 2, 2010

Against Me! New Album in June!

Against Me! have a new album coming out June 8th!

The band teamed up with legendary producer Butch Vig once again for “White Çrosses”

I can say without hesitation that Against Me! kick more ass live then most other bands out there today. Every show I have ever attended was just a lesson in sweaty, angry, passi0nate, no-holds barred punk-rock with a purpose.

The band have never been afraid to speak their mind on the politics of the world…

(“From Her Lips to God’s Ears” -Democratic election under Marshall law./An Iraqi president out of control of our choices.After all this death and destruction/Do you really think your actions advocate freedom. / The presidents giving a speech in Georgetown/To remember the voice of a slain civil rights leader,/ Do you understand what the martyrs stood for?/ Oh Condoleeza do you get the fucking joke?”)

…and the music industry.

(“Piss & Vinegar”-I’ve heard the hype about your band, Ive seen your video playing on the TV./ Publicity photos in magazines, no none of it makes me feel anything. /I would be lying to you if I did not say something. /That would make me feel like a politician. /A middle of the road opinion that no one finds offensive or challenging.I’m not interested. /The stage is not a pedestal…”)

But that’s not to say it’s all politics with Against Me! With songs like “Born on the FM Waves of The Heart” Against Me! (with a little help from Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara) show that they can sing about love and loss of love as well. If you ask me, this is the modern, pill-popping punk rock version of “Summer Nights'” (yes I did bust out a “Grease” reference…whatever, you know you all like “Grease”

Of course I would not feel right without adding a vid of one of their older songs.

This is from 2003s “As the Eternal Cowboy”

PS this is one of my favorite song titles of all time,

“Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists”:

New “White Crosses” album pre-order and more info here:

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