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Feb 27, 2011

FREE SXSW Sampler Album

RethinkPopMusic and Bob Tulipan, author of Rockin’ in the New World put some tracks together from the artists playing our SXSW showcases. Download it here for FREE!

Feb 23, 2011

RethinkPopMusic Announces SXSW Showcases

RethinkPopMusic is headed back down to Austin this March for the third consecutive year to showcase our favorite bands from all over the world. And as always we are doing it for FREE! All you need to do is RSVP…

03/18 RSVP

03/19 RSVP

Feb 18, 2011

Radiohead doesn’t need your 2 cents… just $8

Personally, we love/admire/envy a band that can announce a new album Monday with a Saturday release, then suddenly make it available Friday morning. And while the intrawebnet will be buzzing with reviews/opinions from endless unqualified “bloggers” and whatnot, they aren’t reading it nor do they even care.

Radiohead didn’t release this album as an up-and-coming band seeking approval from a failing industry. There wasn’t even enough lead time for any legitimate publication to write about the upcoming release. They simply don’t give a shit about your reviews or all the comparisons to their past albums. Why should they?

Even if every single review panned this album they would still sell out all over the world. Does this look like someone who cares about your opinion?

If you spent $8 just to bash the music… congrats the music industry needs you and all the other “music” blogs who write about the exact same thing. Way to go! Saturate the market with drivel and destroy all legitimacy in reviews!

If you spent $8 with expectations of another Pablo Honey or OK Computer, you’re always going to be disappointed. Radiohead is still together and making music because they never let outside influences take away the musician’s need to experiment and be creative. Radiohead isn’t attempting to replicate past albums, therefore no one can compare them side by side and measure their success.

If you spent $8 with no expectations, but rather simple curiosity then you will never be disappointed.
Radiohead has fans, artistic freedom and plenty of money… prioritized in that order.

If interested download the album here

Feb 12, 2011

Welcome To The North

First things first – we’d like to (slightly belatedly) thank all of you for making our recent fourth birthday shows so memorable and successful. The second night at The Macbeth, featuring Let’s Buy Happiness, The Collectable Few, Escapists and Channel Cairo, set a new LFC record in terms of attendance. It was a good old fashioned, sweaty rock ‘n’ roll gig that we’ll remember for a very long time. If you were there on the night – or even if you weren’t – check out this excellent photo blog of the evening courtesy of The Ladies Toilet.

Moving on to more current affairs – after four years of promoting in the capital, we felt it was about time to spread our wings a little and branch out into the world of regional promotion. Our first stop of this new and exciting chapter is Manchester – a city with such a fantastic musical heritage, it seemed an obvious place to start. We’re putting on a bill on Thursday 3rd March at The Castle Hotel (a venue we absolutely loved during In The City last year) on Oldham Street, featuring Nottingham’s about-to-break Dog Is Dead, our latest signings (for their hook-heavy debut 7″ “Headstrong”) The Collectable Few and buzzy local outfit Slow Motion Shoes, who caused a little bit of a stir at the aforementioned festival in October.

DOG IS DEAD /// RIVER JORDAN from B A N K S on Vimeo.

On the decks are Underachievers, an established MCR club night, and as always LFC DJs will be spinning the best new indie, electro and rock ‘n’ roll till whenever people decide to call it a day. Given the attention all the bands on the bill have been receiving in the last few months, this could well be one of those ‘I was there’ shows. Just a head’s up. Grab tickets for just £5 via our events page.

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Feb 3, 2011

‘Our Sound’ – Alex Kidd USA (The Chaotic Good Remix) out on Beat Port

The Chaotic Good’s remix of Alex Kidd’s (USA) ‘Our Sound’ is released on Crude Trax and now available for purchase on Beat Port.  You can buy the track here.

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