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May 12, 2011

‘Tocatta and Fugue in 32 Bit’ now available for purchase on BeatPort

‘Tocatta and Fugue in 32 Bit’ now available for purchase on BeatPort

“Tocatta and Fuge in 32 Bit’ is out NOW!  Follow the BeatPort link to buy! The Chaotic Good releases the majority of his tracks for free, so it would mean a LOT to him if you guys support it and put him up on the charts!  Please also check out Figure’s dope remix of this track!

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May 9, 2011

Fan Videos are the Best Videos

Below is a great stop motion video courtesy of Anna in North Carolina set to a backyard bootleg recording of “21 1/2” by The Yes Way… those are actual locusts in the background of the recording.

If you are in Brooklyn you can catch The Yes Way playing three great festivals in late May / early June.

May 27th: The Deli Magazine’s “Best Emerging Artist Festival” at Spike Hill

June 17th: Northside Festival at Trash Bar

June 21st: Make Music New York at Spike Hill

May 7, 2011

Introducing: The Kill Van Kulls

For those of you who like your music Kid A inspired, chorus-devoid and ‘challenging’, look away now. Leave the room. In fact, run a mile. If you like your music fun, nostalgic and hook filled (that’s us), read on:

Manchester quartet The Kill Van Kulls (named after a tidal strait in the state of New York) are bringing back 80s power pop to 2k11 – you know, synths high in the mix, tantalising build ups to gargantuan choruses and an eye set firmly on the stadiums (and charts). They’ve got Simple Minds, Prince, Duran Duran and Ladyhawke dyed in the wool of their oversize T-shirts, and they don’t care who knows it.

The band haven’t been around for long and have seemingly risen up the ranks in a very organic, rather than a force fed, manner. You could say they’ve ‘come out of nowhere’ (as is often said about new bands without a big PR machine behind them), such is the lack or prior warning we’ve received of this saccharine assault on our senses.

The truth is; hard work, carefully selected gigs (they’ve shared stages with The Naked And Famous and Mona), decent blog coverage and most crucially solid songwriting, embodied partly on their stormer of a debut single, ‘Fool’s Wish’ (out on their own label; video above) appear to have endeared them to fans and industry folk alike, and as such has given them a seat at 2011′s ‘ones to watch’ table. The world of DIY it seems, if this is any kind of case study, is in rude health.

Wooden Heart by thekillvankulls

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May 7, 2011

Vadoinmessico: Debut single + launch party at Dalston Boys Club, 18 May

London based but very international outfit Vadoinmessico (they’ve got members from Mexico, Italy, Austria and Blighty), who we introduced to you a year ago after their appearances at SXSW 2010 (via this blog and also at an LFC night at The Lock Tavern), have finally got round to recording and releasing their debut single.

‘Curling Up Your Spine’, the follow up to their self released 2010 EP, sees the light of day digitally on 16 May through T.O.D.O./Outcaste and comes just after their recent support slots with Anna Calvi at her two sold out Bush Hall dates. It also precedes their long-awaited debut full length, ‘Archaeology Of The Future’, which is slated for a late summer unveiling.

The single showcases what they do best; blissed out, psychedelic folk with transportive qualities (also seen on free download ‘The Adventure Of A Diver’, below). Indeed, if you’d like to be whisked away for a whole hour or so, the band are marking the occasion with a launch party on Wednesday 18 May at Dalston Boys Club (68 Boleyn Road, N16) in London. Entry is £5, although we’re informed you’ll get a download code for said single if you show up grinning from ear to ear with bells on. We’ll be first in line.

The Adventure Of A Diver by Vadoinmessico

MP3: Vadoinmessico – The Adventure Of A Diver

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May 4, 2011

Tribes – “We Were Children”

Not since the heady days of The Others’ guerrilla gigs have people been so excited about a bunch of grubby Camdenites plugging in and playing in unconventional (and un-policed) settings: a few Sundays back, new London grunge revivalists and 90s fetishists Tribes (featuring a couple of members from the now defunct indie outfit Operahouse) filmed the video for their current single ‘We Were Children’ literally shouting from the rooftops to a large number of hastily-assembled revellers along Camden High Street.

Of course, it was social network site Facebook that mobilsed the party; a few days before, an event page notifying people of their intentions was circulating, with guests numbering in the several hundred. The page was then swiftly taken down, with a message sent to all attendees saying this was done to avoid the Rozzers catching wind of it all and to fear not, it was all still going ahead – surely only adding fuel to their already simmering fire.

The end result is seen in the above video; it appears everyday life ground to a halt for a short amount of time, and the band got the take they needed. It’d be easy to be cynical about it all, if the song wasn’t so damn good – huge choruses, nostalgic lyrics about being young in the mid 90s and some pretty emotive guitar lines get thrown together to create what is in effect one of ’11s best tracks to date.

We attended their ‘secret’ show at The Wheelbarrow this Saturday night just gone, and witnessed levels of beer-chucking devotion not seen since Pete and Carl took to the stage at Kentish Town Forum in 2003. It’s not only the underground who’ve got excited, either – behemoth Island Records recently picked them up and have just issued their debut EP (iTunes), with this song as its lead track. One suspects there’s a hell of a lot more to come, within the confines of the law or not.

Nightdriving (demo) by TRIBES

MP3: Tribes – Nightdriving (demo)

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