Jun 28, 2011

Channel Cairo – “Underrated Grace” (live demo) // FREE MP3

Ahead of our impending single release from the amiable Anglo-French quintet Channel Cairo, we’ve decided to whet your appetites with a free mp3 download of their track ‘Underrated Grace’.

Not the original studio version (nor the thumping set centerpiece you’ve heard at their shows), but a live demo which strips the track to its bare bones, with just vocals and piano audible. It’s sure to be a collector’s item in years to come, and is a beautiful, haunting piece that should give you some idea of what to expect from ‘Elephant Room’ (previously just ‘Elephants’) which hits the stores on 29 August. Grab it below.

Article source: http://laissezfaireclub.com/2011/06/channel-cairo-underrated-grace-live-demo-free-mp3/

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