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Jun 2, 2011


The Collectable Few was born in West London in 2008. United by a love of 80s New Wave records and fuzzy US guitar bands, the quartet create infectious sun-fuelled pop songs with multi-layered melodies and dance-worthy beats.

‘Headstrong’, out on Laissez Faire Club Records on 24 January 2011, is the band’s long-awaited debut single and the follow up to their self-released 4-track EP ‘Half The Night’, which dropped in summer 2010 to much critical acclaim.

Produced by the band themselves and long time cohort Nick Evans in London, it was mixed and mastered by up-and-coming producer Andrew Maury (Ra Ra Riot, Kisses, The Static Jacks) whilst doing live sound for Ra Ra Riot on their recent nationwide US tour, and at his studio in New York City.

The track displays a modern, glossy pop-sheen, and contains quite possibly the band’s biggest hook to date, one that rivals the likes of White Lies and Kings Of Leon for sheer boldness, audacity and plain ambition. The flip side sees Maury drive the song towards the dancefloor (and Hype Machine charts), with a beat-heavy reworking under the much lauded RAC (Remix Artist Collective) tag.

“All syncopated hi-hat and tumbling guitars, Headstrong carries the dark, danceable anthemia VHS or Beta fleetingly brought to indie disco dance floors. On this evidence, The Collectable Few have it effortlessly mastered already.” – Music Week

“For a first single, this is an absolute blast.” – The Whiteboard Project

“Promising debut single from the Londoners, coming somewhere between Ra Ra Riot and Friendly Fires.” – Faded Glamour

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Jun 2, 2011

I’m OK Hating Everyone… sans Shapes

Shapes are one of those bands where shock and awe is the status quo. Witnessing lead singer Fanelli hang upside down thirty feet above the crowd in fishnet stocking while signing is just one example of the sheer entertainment value of Shapes. However, unlike their counterparts who fall flat with shit music and offstage personalities comparable to… myself, Fanelli and crew are undeniably PUNK. What impresses me most about Shapes is the music itself. Rather than focus on power chords and speedy songs, Shapes bring a subtle indie element with complex guitar parts, occasional verse chorus verse structures and sweet female vocals. Shapes are one of those elite bands that can control the tone of the crowd based on the setlist, effortlessly bringing the audience from and all out mosh pit down to a head nod toe tap and back.

Shapes video for “I’m OK” exemplifies the band’s ability to take the audience on a odd journey much like the live show. From drug use before noon, driving under the influence and a lover’s vengeful murder all in the first person, to an acoustic breakdown at the end where said lovers enjoy the sunset together. The undertones are a bit difficult to navigate, so hopefully we will update this post with a message from the band. In the meantime enjoy the video and continue to hate everyone.

Jun 1, 2011

A kiss with a fist is better than none.

A little while back, a friend of mine forwarded me an Email I’d sent to him in the summer of 2007, telling him to check out the first ever recorded version of Florence And The Machine’s now ubiquitous ‘Kiss With A Fist’. ‘Turns out you were right about this one’ he said, but what’s more important is the fact I now had a copy of what must be a pretty rare mp3 (I’d previously lost the original on an old hard drive, or something).

This version of what turned out to be Florence’s debut single (on Moshi Moshi) is simply flooring, which is why I’ve decided to post it on here for y’all now, in 2011. The energy and rawness (it’s just her trademark howl and a guitar) is something to behold, and (of course) was not fully captured or recreated on the commercial, full studio take.

In any case, it displays the traits and qualities that make AR people (and the rest of us) fall of their chairs, and from this evidence, it’s no surprise than FATM went on to become a UK chart topping, Oscar performing phenomenon. As we await album number #2, out next year perhaps, turn this up and listen to some unbridled talent in its purest form.

MP3: Florence The Machine – Kiss With A Fist (2007 demo)

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Jun 1, 2011

Scoundrels – “Gulf Of Mexico”

Scoundrels play LFC’s 4th Birthday at Catch, 26/01/11. Photo by Max Webster.

London blues inspired rock ‘n’ rollers and LFC regulars Scoundrels are releasing their long awaited debut album on 27 June through the recently revamped Blue Horizon label. Self titled, it’ll be preceded by a new single called ‘Gulf Of Mexico’ a week before – a track that’s been on heavy rotation recently in these here parts.

Veering away from their usual mile-a-minute template, ‘Gulf Of Mexico’ is a far more blissed out, spacious and laid back affair that, perhaps unintentionally, doffs its hat towards the likes of Mumford And Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club (at least on their acoustic album Flaws). That’s not to damn it with faint praise, however – this is a track which really sounds like a band truly hitting their stride after a lengthy period of playing together and is a real showcase for front man Ned Wyndham’s unique and soulful voice. If it’s an indication of what’s to come next, we can’t wait to hear more.

Given its title, we can only assume the song was inspired by the band’s time in Southern Louisiana – and subsequent longing to return to their musical Mecca of Lafayette. And who’s to blame them. If you’d like to see what they got up to whilst in the deep South last year, do check out their beautifully shot fly-on-the-wall feature ‘Go Sell Your Soul‘ – it’s in six parts, and documents everything from saloon bar gigs to recording with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Gulf Of Mexico by The Orchard

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