Jul 11, 2011

Rockin’ in the New World – Now Available

RethinkPopMusic’s close friend, author Bob Tulipan, has written an awesome book that serves as a guide and tool for ALL talented artists that wish to make a career in the music industry. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book now! You can get it here at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon etc… (google it!) RPM will be providing a full review shortly, in the meantime, check out the book’s webpage http://rockininthenewworld.com/!

Rockin' the the New World Book Cover

iTunes, the Internet, ProTools and the decline of the big labels are just a few of the changes that have created the greatest shift in the music industry in decades. Today, musicians need to know how the business operates more than ever in order to make it big. So how do you reach as many people as possible and set your band apart from all others—and how do you protect yourself in this rapidly changing industry?

Now committed, talented artists can learn from an industry insider how to successfully hone and protect their music and financial interests. In this book that’s both a field guide and an artistic coaching session, Bob Tulipan reveals what he’s learned in more than three decades as a manager, promoter, and entrepreneur about making rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true. He interviewed people in bands from around the world gathering their questions and concerns about the business and then posed them to experts in the traditional, DIY, and evolving digital  industry.

How do you figure out band roles, responsibilities, and money issues before conflicts arise and your band implodes? How do you build relationships with your audience, go about the songwriting and song selection process or developing your image and web presence? Get booked, create a buzz, and draw a crowd? Build brand awareness and public loyalty with the products you develop? Generate revenue outside the Major Label Model or obtain a deal with a record company? Make money in the lucrative area of publishing and licensing? Put together an Executive team, from a lawyer to a manager? The answers to these questions and many more can be found right here.

Tulipan also includes invaluable resources; links; an interactive website as well as templates for tour budgets, royalty breakdowns, and money management systems; and sample artist, management, recording, agency, and publishing contracts.

It’s all about the music you make, but why not make it wisely and successfully?

  • Diana Alexander

    Sounds like an interesting book for an independent musician.

  • Diana Alexander

    Sounds like an interesting book for an independent musician.

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