Sep 16, 2011

The Yes Way “Loves You All” especially Zoe Hiigli

The Yes Way are currently on hiatus until CMJ while Jesse (drums/vox) recovers from a broken hand that required surgery to have pins put in. Fortunately, the lack of any live performances from the band in August and September prompted our good friend Zoe Hiigli to make a video for “I Love You All.” We are really digging this one as the colors burst like an acid trip and the spastic pace of video is perfectly in time with the track. Thanks for this one Zoe! For more information on Zoe visit where her full body of work is beautifully on display.

  • DC Cardwell

    Couldn’t describe it better than the heading, but yes indeed, the video and song do good things for each other, which is not always the case with music videos!

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