Nov 11, 2011

CMJ Night 2 feat Courtesy Tier

That sound can’t be coming from just two people, right? Seriously, I must not be able to see the other band members from the angle I’m standing. No? – Really? – Wow!

Nearly every Bowery Electric patron who previously never had the pleasure of hearing Courtesy Tier perform must have participated in that exact exchange. Wielding only a guitar and drums, Omer Leibovitz & Layton Weedeman proved excellent musicians require very little to produce complex and appealing genre-crossing music. During the course of their set, the Brooklyn duo applied shades of grunge, R&B, southern rock, and blues to a never-dull canvas, at times harmonic, ceaselessly captivating, and climaxing with Hendrix-esque prestige.

Vocal chords refused to be upstaged by such brilliant instrumentation, keeping all neck hair at attention with a resonant coax, full of conviction that lost none of it’s vibrance using less distortion than their recordings. “Friend” was a personal favorite, although one would be hard pressed to find a laggard in the setlist. Along with Hollis Brown the prior evening at Spike Hill, Courtesy Tier provide a shining example that blues are very much alive in the BK.

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