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Nov 12, 2011

CMJ Night 2 feat Black Taxi

Longtime favorites of RethinkPopMusic, Black Taxi treated the packed Bowery Electric crowd to one of the more memorable performances of CMJ.

Armed with a rebellious spirit, unbridled energy, and a slew of cameo instruments for frontman Ezra Huleatt to use at his disposal (bass drum, tambourine, trumpet, keyboard, harmonica, & maraca), Black Taxi achieves what Panic At the Disco! might hope to… with more creativity. Not to dwell on the charismatic, if not flamboyant lead, but Huleatt seems to possess (in addition to his stunning resemblance to Brit from Flight of the Conchords) the spirit, poise, and unique appeal to become a true rock star. This is best showcased on the dazzling single “Shoeshine” and every other song on the setlist to be honest. Absolutely try to catch the Brooklyn natives in action if you find them playing a venue near you — actually, travel to see them. Now!

Nov 11, 2011

CMJ Night 2 feat Courtesy Tier

That sound can’t be coming from just two people, right? Seriously, I must not be able to see the other band members from the angle I’m standing. No? – Really? – Wow!

Nearly every Bowery Electric patron who previously never had the pleasure of hearing Courtesy Tier perform must have participated in that exact exchange. Wielding only a guitar and drums, Omer Leibovitz & Layton Weedeman proved excellent musicians require very little to produce complex and appealing genre-crossing music. During the course of their set, the Brooklyn duo applied shades of grunge, R&B, southern rock, and blues to a never-dull canvas, at times harmonic, ceaselessly captivating, and climaxing with Hendrix-esque prestige.

Vocal chords refused to be upstaged by such brilliant instrumentation, keeping all neck hair at attention with a resonant coax, full of conviction that lost none of it’s vibrance using less distortion than their recordings. “Friend” was a personal favorite, although one would be hard pressed to find a laggard in the setlist. Along with Hollis Brown the prior evening at Spike Hill, Courtesy Tier provide a shining example that blues are very much alive in the BK.

Nov 7, 2011

The Static Jacks – “Into The Sun” official video / 7″ pre-order / UK dates / Amazing Radio play

Hope you all had a good weekend, and if you came down to see Deep Sea Arcade on Friday, thank you. It was great fun. This morning, we’ve got a lot of news about our next 7″ release from New Jersey’s greatest band The Static Jacks. We’ve give it to you bit by bit, here goes:

The official video to the A-side of the single “Into The Sun” is now out, and you can watch it in all its glory above. Like all great music videos, we think it adds an extra dimension to an already very strong, fist-pumping track. Have a look and see what you think.

The 7″ vinyl (“Into The Sun” b/w the Made In Chelsea featuring “Mercy, Hallelujah”), out on 28 November, is now available to pre-order from the Laissez Faire Club shop. There are only 300 copies being pressed, and the first 50 will come with an exclusive, unique photograph taken by the band on their tour with The Wombats across the US Canada – which is still in progress as we speak. You might get a picture of them partying with Murph backstage in Ohio. It might be an open road in Arkansas, or an all-American diner in Louisiana. We don’t know, and we’re as excited as anyone to get hold of one. It’s Ebay gold if nothing else.

UK dates! Yes, the band are making their first ever trip across the pond later this month to promote the aforementioned release, and will play the following:

Thursday 24 November
– 100 Club w/ Eagulls, Mazes

Friday 25 November – Club NME @ Koko w/ The Dancers

Monday 28 November – LFC night @ The Social (Single Launch Party) w/ Ice Black Birds, Fractures TICKETS / TICKET + SEVEN INCH BUNDLE DEAL

And finally, “Into The Sun” will be making its national radio debut on Charlie Ashcroft’s ‘Audition’ show on Amazing Radio this afternoon, at 1300 GMT. It’ll be repeated on Sunday 13 November, at 1600 GMT. After today’s show, listeners can vote for their favourite track, and the one with most votes will make the station’s main playlist. So, you know, be sure to head over to the site (or send a Tweet to Charlie saying how much you love the song) and do the right thing.

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