Dec 9, 2011

Henry Millers @ The Studio at Webster Hall

Much like the $3 cans of Bomb Lager served at the bar, The Henry Millers proved to be an acquired taste, at first unsettling, but ultimately leaving you thirsting for more at night’s end.

Fronted by the duo of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter, the NYC based pop tarts built momentum as the show progressed with their catchy harmonies and charmed an enthusiastic crowd filling The Studio, Webster Hall’s subterranean lair. The supporting live instrumentation, particularly the contributions of bassist Philip Nuttle, provided more energy and authenticity to their sound than can be heard on their recent, more synth-oirented EP.

“Flash Gordon” served an excellent example of how the interplay of John & Katie’s voices, which defines The Henry Millers in a manner similar to The XX, is best framed within the context of a live show.

Tremendous poets they are not, as more than one chorus relies on soulful howls and repetition rather than mindful wording, but the bands appear comfortable with its identity as creators of fun & free melodies, sure to stick in your head for days.

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