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Jan 30, 2012

Introducing: Dozens

Back in June, we tipped you lot off about a promising Chicago outfit called Merlin Wall. We’re back in the Windy City with our latest discovery, electro-pop three piece Dozens, who seem to have been doing the rounds in their hometown for just under a year now, and suggest there’s something quite exciting going on in the underground of the USA’s third most populous city.

One of their tracks, “Sounds Of Your Lovers” (which was released on 7″ last summer via US indie DreamBait Recordings) has been on repeat all weekend – on the laptop, in the car, or wherever else we were able to plug the iPod in.

Coming across all Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, Passion Pit and a little bit Miami Horror, this is an exuberant, arms aloft – and ultimately summery – noise, that wouldn’t have been out of place on the The OC back in the day. In any case, it’ll leave an indelible mark in your consciousness after just one listen, so insistent is its chorus.

We’re in familiar territory, of course, and this certainly won’t have any music theorists scratching their heads in bemusement any time soon. But it will have a lot of fans of the genre, like us, turning our heads and wondering what might come next from the band.

MP3: Dozens – Sounds Of Your Lovers

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Jan 28, 2012

Introducing: Jake Mattison

Jake Mattison is a Manchester based singer-songwriter with one of those drop-what-you’re-doing kind of voices. Not since the first time we heard the likes of Marcus Mumford, Damien Rice or Ben Howard have we been so startled, and indeed, dropped what we were doing to stare at the device from which the arresting sound was emanating.

Mattison’s vocal does possess the raw beauty of these successful artists, albeit perhaps with a rawer edge, that really suggests he’s got a story to tell.

We assume he’s been penning songs and performing them to people for at least a little while, perhaps mainly in his native North West, but a short run of dates with Emeli Sande in November last year has brought this rather exceptional talent into the public limelight, and has set up 2012 as a potential breakthrough year.

There are a handful of demos online at present, which hint at something much bigger, but in the meantime check out this wonderful cover of Gil Scott Heron’s 1971 classic “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”, where Mattison comes off complementing, rather than aping, the late great.

MP3: Jake Mattison – Your’re Too Old

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Jan 19, 2012

Brand new Channel Cairo: “A Year”

“A Year” is Channel Cairo’s uplifting and emotive new track, which they’ve been locked away recording since the release of “Elephant Room” through Laissez Faire Club Records last summer.

You might remember it from its first incarnation as the band’s encore for their sold-out Borderline show last September. We’re picturing the band playing the song in large fields before the year is up, raising lighters and perhaps inducing a tear or two along the way.

Before that happens though, Channel Cairo return to the live scene at HMV’s Next Big Thing Festival at The Garage on Monday 6 February, supporting Atticus Anthem and Tellison. Tickets are available here.

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Jan 17, 2012

Introducing: Fast Years

There’s not a huge amount to say about Fast Years at this moment in time, given that they’re yet to appear live in any setting and have just two tracks available online.

What we do know is they’re a garage rock quartet from Brooklyn (another day, another Brooklyn band indeed), and that one of the said songs, “Young Heart” is a mile-a-minute, hook-a-plenty, good time jam that’s got us hot under the collar just now.

It’s essentially the sound of The Mooney Suzuki and The Von Bondies joining each other on stage at a heaving, sweat filled venue circa 2002-2003, say, after a Caesars DJ set in between the bands (where they play Jerk It Out). One hell of an evening, in other words.

Of course, with this genre of Ramones-aping rock being heavily popularised by The Vaccines, and now Howler (who the band are actually supporting for their first ever show, at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery, this Friday 20th), we’re guessing that Fast Years will slot right into 2012′s indie rock landscape without anyone so much as batting an eyelid. Which from what we’ve heard so far, can only be a good thing.

MP3: Fast Years – Young Heart

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Jan 17, 2012

The Static Jacks: UK Tour Feb 2012 (w/ The Wombats, Grouplove)

We’re extremely excited to announce that The Static Jacks will tour the UK next month, following on from their introductory shows at the end of November.

The run includes three dates supporting The Wombats, which will make TSJ the first LFC Records band to play at the O2 Academy in Brixton, and one with fellow countrymen Grouplove in Brighton.

The band are on the road to promote their debut full-length, “If You’re Young”, which is out through Fearless Records on 5 March. The double A-sided 7″ vinyl of “Into The Sun” / “Mercy, Hallelujah” (which we put out late last year) will be on sale on the tour, or you can pick one up before it all kicks off, from our shop.

Check out a the band finishing their set at Koko in November with “Into The Sun”:

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