Aug 24, 2012

Menomena releases new sing while The Yes Way receive some hype

This week two of our favorite bands have released new singles and we couldn’t be happier with the direction either of them are going… despite completely different.

Menomena, known for their eclectic and experimental instrumentation have released their newest single “Capsule” which is a guitar heavy aural assault. There is no doubt that this is ALL Menomena and there is zero “trend chasing” going on, but its a definite departure from the softer layered harmony filled tracks of the past. In all honesty we LOVE “Capsule” and feel the lyrics are almost autobiographical: “You’re maturing from a memory to a legacy.”

The Yes Way, an obvious RethinkPopMusic favorite, have taken a slightly different course. Known for their guitar heavy and complex soundscapes, the addition of rhythm in the form of keys have somewhat “quieted” the group. Still as complex as ever, the guitar doesn’t necessarily dominate anymore, leaving each element of the music to take its turn in the spotlight. The first single off their debut album “Barcelona” showcases The Yes Way in a new seemingly toned-down manner (direct opposite of Menomena). “Barcelona” is soothing and melodic, however if you stick around to the end its undoubtedly a Yes Way track. Check it out on Hype Machine and give it a heart if it so fancies you.

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