Oct 23, 2012

White Rabbits Impress in Columbus

We recently received a letter written by Stephen stating that White Rabbits had replaced drummer Jamie Levinson with Dave Scalia. However interesting, this didn’t initially appear to have an effect on the dual percussion heavy sound associated with the band and often accredited to influencing the plethora of floor tom banging indie acts… until we read the letter further.

White Rabbits also confirmed that they’d be touring only as a five piece with members taking their turn on bass. We assumed this meant if a track required bass and piano we would be relegated to one man, newest member of the band, playing a single kit on his lonely island. This concept would “frighten” any fan who has seen the band live in recent years and enjoys the big band era vibe of songs such as “Percussion Gun.” We always assumed this specific track to require two full kits or at bare minimum some sort of auxiliary drumming.

We were wrong. Not only did Scalia keep time perfectly, though bass was played facing the drummer, but the overall sound seemed succinct and nothing was noticeably missing. Check out this iPhone video from the show and let us know what you think. The letter from the band in its entirety may be found further below.

hello friends

stephen here. i wanna take a moment to let you all know about a few changes within the band. if you’ve come out to any of our shows over the past few months you might have noticed that there’s some missing and some new members onstage. same deal if you’ve seen the video for “i’m not me”. i regret not filling all of you in earlier, but to be honest, we weren’t entirely sure how we were gonna proceed until very recently.

so here we are. the most obvious change has been the absence of our beloved bald drummer jamie levinson. jamie’s been with us for over 6 years, and although we thought he was already great at being our embarrassing dad, he and his wife are starting a family of their own. they’re expecting their first child any day now as a matter of fact. we love jamie and will miss him beyond belief.. but we’re of course very happy for him and wish him nothing but the best.

after searching for a new drummer for a very long couple months, we found dave scalia. he’s a pretty good drummer i guess, but we were mostly impressed by his freakishly long hands and extensive collection of gray cardigans. he’s a young boy so be nice to him.

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