Nov 19, 2012

Infamous Strangedusters… a jam band wolf in bluegrass wool.

Upon entering The Basement on Thursday night, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Infamous Stringdusters had sold out Promowest’s “entry level” venue.

Featuring stand up base, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and dobro, the percussion absent  Charlottesville, North Carolina quintet can flat out play. However, don’t get them confused with that popular band from across the pond with a similar lineup, unlike Mumford and Sons, The Infamous Stringdusters are making legitimate bluegrass.

As The Infamous Stringdusters got into the meat of their set and I possibly had one too many beers, I got to segregating today’s bluegrass into two camps. Most currently touring bluegrass acts either fall into the  Del McCoury old school picker style or your “herbally enhanced” jam heavy Yonder Mountain String Band variety.

Nevertheless, despite my pigeonholing, The Infamous Stringdusters did their best to merge the two variations on Thursday night. Seamlessly transitioning from covering a tune by veteran picker Jimmy Martin, only to follow it up with the Police’s Walking On The Moon (the latter of which strayed far from the bluegrass path) led to me to the conclusion that The Infamous Stringdusters may just be a  jam band wolf in bluegrass wool… and that’s fine by me.

-Brad Kessler-

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