Nov 20, 2012 calls it quits

Despite the fact that the internet has gotten a bit safer, hearing that has decided to close up shop for relatively vague and undisclosed reasons is quite unsettling. We at RethinkPopMusic and The Rethink Agency are saddened by this news as we truly enjoyed partnering with them during CMJ.


Michael, you have exquisite taste in music from suggesting we book Young the Giant back in early 2010 (we inexplicably passed) to giving Isadora (formerly The Yes Way) all sorts of love on your blog. Whatever you choose to do from hear on out will undoubtedly be successful.

Here is a message from The Audio Perv:

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So it might take a few days/weeks but definitely by the end of the year, we’re going to wrap things up. Yep, this website/constant pain in TV show music bookers/music blog will be coming to an end. No, it’s not your fault. Seriously, stop blaming yourself! It had to happen eventually. We will be okay and so will you.Read more:
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