Dec 9, 2012

Patrick Watson, The Band Not The Man, at The Wexner Center

Last Tuesday Patrick Watson performed at The Wexner Center to a far from sold-out crowd, likely due to both Smashing Pumpkins AND King Khan and the BBQ Show competing for the relatively limited Columbus music market.

Nevertheless, those in attendance seemed to be in the same mindset of this writer, eagerly awaiting this rare talent for months in advance. However, before offering any sort of critical review or insight into the show itself whatsoever, watch the performance of “Adventures in Your Own Backyard” from the evening.

What surprised me most from the show was the elaborate and seemingly improvisational jazz elements that seemed to fill every empty space throughout the entire performance. It was as if the words from Watson’s mouth would make their way across the stage, ignored by everyone else, but inhaled by the drummer and transposed into his sticks manifesting into an intangible, voiceless, ad-hoc harmony.

These elements, in addition to an obvious familiarity with each individuals’ immense talents, led to a number intimate moments onstage…

Nevertheless, regardless of the exceptional talent that is Patrick Watson, one could not help but draw some comparisons to their much more famous Canadian experimental/indie counterparts. While Patrick Watson, the band not the man, accomplishes much more than should ever be expected from a quintet, their audience engagement tactics lack a bit of originality. Without warrant, it often appears that bands feel the need to do more than play great music, which Patrick Watson easily accomplishes. However, when these tactics are obviously planned it takes away from an otherwise flawless performance. If you’re still perplexed as to what this is referring to, check out the video below from the first of two encore performances of the night, but absolutely still go see them live!

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