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Jan 19, 2013

Father John Misty at The Newport Music Hall

Unfortunately for me, but probably to the relief of the readers, I had the flu last week and was unable to attend the Father John Misty show at The Newport Music Hall on Thursday. As a result, I was forced to ask our incredibly talented photographer Mike to “write a few words and I’ll turn them into a post…” although most of our audience is probably illiterate who happen upon this site by mistake. Well, it goes without saying he’s a much better photographer than I’ll ever be (unless you count instagram, I’m fucking sweet with those filters), but now it appears he writes good… so it looks like we need a new photog. All jokes aside, the following is straight from the intuitive hands of Mike Chambers with only the slightest edit from yours truly:

Another night at the Newport and one comes to expect certain things from this venue, the good and the bad, but most often just plenty of both. Its an hour before showtime and the Newport is awash in pre-show music, ranging from vintage R and B to esoteric K-pop covers from the 60’s, or was that Japanese?

The one common thread among these pre-show selections was a low-fi mono grit that (while beloved among vinyl aficionados) could well have foreshadowed a live house mix known for being somewhat brutal to its audience. I’m relatively sure no one else was paying much attention to the house music, but when you’re alone awaiting the opener its best to keep yourself “occupied” rather than look awkward.

Happily, as Father John Misty took the stage, it was clear that the house mix was in capable hands… and my camera could occupy mine. Father John Misty, the moniker of ex-Fleet Fox drummer Josh Tillman, does not perform so much as he holds court.

He steeps his audience in well-crafted lyrics delivered with an uncanny mix of earnestness and flash; part Johnny Cash and part Jim Morrison.

Father John Misty’s sound is a rich tangle of guitars and keys riding on a rhythm section that is often as lyrical as it is metric. Father John’s strong clear vocals sit comfortably in the bands arrangements which manage to be complex without sounding cluttered; ably drawing on gritty guitar sounds, ethereal synth keys, falsetto backing vocals, and chugging rhythms.

Father John Misty moved through his set with a solid confidence. Aside from a few brief acknowledgments and a reminder that, yes, there was a indeed a headliner to come, there was absolutely no dead air. And it was clear that for many in the audience, FJM packed enough entertainment into a school night set. Thus, after I politely hung around for a few songs from The Walkmen (blog post to come), I was perfectly content simply drifting to the back of the house, grabbing a Late Night Slice and a beer, before heading for the doors.

Jan 19, 2013

Jackie Stabb Expanding Her Fanbase… Beyond Columbus

We recently had the opportunity to see Jackie Stabb at Skully’s and as always she was impressive. With a confident bravado onstage and a voice to back it up, its obvious that she has her sights set beyond the Columbus market. And from our observations she has a damn good chance, just check out the first of her many upcoming “Stabb Sessions” as she covers Broken Social Scene:


Whether or not she becomes the next big thing is beyond our control, but odds are definitely in her favor. There is an album in the works and from what we’ve heard its garnering some much deserved attention. If you have a chance we highly recommend checking out Jackie Stabb at one of her upcoming shows at Kobo Live:

1/26 with Chelsea Automatic and The George Elliot Underground
2/2 with Vanity Theft and Sleep Fleet

And if that’s not enough, there’s a good chance she’ll be making an appearance at SXSW… maybe at one of our showcases.

Jan 15, 2013

Introducing: The Vestals

South Wales’ The Vestals seem to be the latest in that line of bands who have seemingly appeared ‘from nowhere’. Indeed, as recently as late December, we in these parts were not overly familiar with their work, but now, in mid January, they seem almost inescapable.

There’s probably a good reason for this, and we’re going to suggest it’s the direct fallout from two absolutely mesmerising tunes, which have just been posted online and will make up their debut, double A-side single, which is to be released by our close acquaintances at Killing Moon on 11 February.

It’s dreamy, electro infused indie-pop that will remind many a music fan of why they fell in love with recorded sound in the first place. As for reference points, we can hear everything from early Ash to Placebo to Death Cab, and when this is channeled through some watertight pop writing, the result is a very powerful one. “Perfect Pain” is the big one here, displaying a dab hand around a nifty chorus and an intensity that never once wanes during its 4-minute duration.

Already this year the band have appeared at Artrocker’s New Blood Festival and confirmed a tour with Pure Love, as well as a launch for the aforementioned release at The Social on Saturday 16 February. 2013 is set to be a great year for music by all accounts, with new and ‘returning’ artists alike, and with these guys set to star in the limelight, it just got a little better.

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Jan 11, 2013

KCRW debuts songs from Local Natives new album

As KCRW debuts songs from Local Natives new album, it becomes quite obvious they are definitely in a league all their own… artistic and talented, yet approachable with the ability to appeal to a very broad audience. Music like this needs a place to live and grow, thanks to KCRW for providing a safe haven for acts and not just a promotional revolving door where quantity trumps quality.




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