Jan 24, 2013

RethinkPopMusic Come Full Circle With Freelance Whales

The last time Freelance Whales were featured on RethinkPopMusic was in July of 2009 as winners of our “Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is” competition. Say what?!

freelance whales @ crash mansion

Indeed, almost 4 years ago we were seeking artists to round our our Midpoint Music Festival showcase (Freelance Whales are now featured on the front page) and decided to hold a couple pseudo “battle of the bands” to join artists such as Ambassadors, The Aviation Orange and Hank and Cupcakes. However, unlike our counterparts, Freelance Whales were chosen by music industry experts from MTV, AsianManDan.com and yours truly… not ticket sales, applause or some other bullshit metric.

So when we heard they would be in Columbus playing The Basement on Sunday we sent our photographer to snap some pics. Looks like they grew up a bit since 2009 and according to Mike: “The show was packed to the rafters and filled with a Jonestown-like fervor.”


Insert “big shoes to fill” comment here:

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