Jan 21, 2013

The Walkmen Live Review… Kinda, Sorta

As previously stated, I had the privilege of meeting the flu last week and therefore didn’t have the opportunity to write The Walkmen live review at Newport Music Hall, which made me feel like this:

Especially since all accounts throughout the interwebs declared that the show was great, in their own quirky yet very consistent ways. And since necessity is the mother of all invention, welcome to a photo blog of The Walkmen at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH featuring poached reviews from around and aboot

“Throughout the show lead singer Hamilton Leithauser controlled the stage with a dominating presence, draped in a fine suit like some kind of punk rock Michael Buble. The minimal lighting which consisted mainly of a powerful floodlight behind drummer Matt Barrick cast incredible shadows against the Danforth’s pale blue walls, adding a haunting vibe to the moodiness of the set which was well balanced between well worn classics and cuts from their latest effort.”

– Chris Cartwright –
ShawConnect.ca Toronto, ON

“Luckily, though, the Walkmen are better than some of the chatterboxes who adore them. They bring an air of professionalism to a forum that sometimes lacks it. They dress to impress, always play at a high level and respect audiences with humility.”

– James Ziegenfus –
GapersBlock.com Chicago, IL

“These gentlemen belong on stage, and they act like it; not at all in a pretentious way, but rather by playing with a smooth confidence that can only be earned over time. The chemistry the band members share is clear, and has been captured in the sound and honed to perfection, every component fitting together right where it belongs. Leithausers’ dynamic voice soars above it all with straining passion, in the way that we’ve come to expect and love from him.”

– Hillary Sprecher –
Mezzic.com Madison, WI


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