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Mar 29, 2013

Airplay… tricks of the trade from a radio professional

We are very excited to have Mike Rudd, a Sports Marketing Specialist, Author, Speaker, and Hot Dog Extraordinaire using his experience in radio to guest blog for us today.

He can be found on his website and his new book Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun can be found on Amazon.

If you like to get social with the hot dog man he’s on Facebook and 140 characters or less on Twitter @MarketingMikeR.


They arrive like fan mail at Matt Damon’s house sometimes.

Piles upon piles upon piles of it then go into the program director or the local on air DJ’s mailboxes to sift through.

The only problem is there is so many, the industry is so cut throat, and the breakthrough is so hard that even if they happen to look through them all and take a listen the separation point that yours will be chosen to be played does not stand a good chance.

I’m talking about airplay here. And I want to first off thank Bob for having me guest post on here today, it is truly awesome of him! The site rocks and he is an incredibly smart and good hearted individual.

As someone who has worked at a radio station since 2004 I saw those demos, those samples, those CD’s or even mix tapes (yes I swear, cassette tapes) arrive in droves and get little notice to them.

My thoughts or answer if you are a band looking to get that air play is pretty simple but it is the one thing that I have seen work. Sure once in a while I have seen a PD or a DJ pick up a few and take a listen and reach out to one, but I think a much more effective strategy, would be to stand out by doing something that no other band does.

I would recommend to attempt to build a relationship with a station first. If you are looking at a specific station especially this is easier. Do research first; see what they are playing more and more of lately and engage with the DJ’s and the program directors.

Reach out to them and compliment them on recent new tracks added to their spins. Come out to a few events and introduce yourself.

Invite them out to be a VIP at your next gig. Send them some other bands; that’s right other bands than yourself; that you enjoy and think might be a good fit.

You may think I am nuts but what you are doing there is establishing trust and credibility. You are saying to them “Hey I’m not just another band pushing my album on you in a selfish manner to get some air play. “ You are attempting to build rapport and show that your attitude is different.

See if you can do a volunteer overnight shift at the station. Follow them on twitter and see what kind of people they are like, share their content when it is worthy to be shared to your crowd.

This is a longer process than just slapping a postage stamp on a blank CD or dropping something off at the radio station.

But this process has a much higher chance of success. It will separate you from the other 99 bands that are trying to get air play as well. You will create trust with the station while at the same time build your reputation within the community. I have seen bands do this and they are the ones who eventually wind up magically getting chosen, I mean some were border line stalking the station at times but persistence is a good attribute haha!

You are in essence marketing yourself when you are a band trying to get airplay on a radio station. Don’t market yourself like every other band out there.

Do something different. Be unique. Stand out. Pull in with value of what you have to offer; don’t just push your album or song onto them.

If you do that you have a fighting chance of making a break through, at the very least you won’t feel like a pushy sales person in the process and you’ll build your networking skills and image in the industry and the area.

Oh…and of course make sure your music rocks! But of course you wouldn’t be reading this site if it didn’t.

Best wishes to every band out there in their attempts to get air play on a radio station, and thank you for doing something in life that you are passionate about and stand up for and believe in. If you continue to do that and stand by what you believe is right you will break through. Somewhere to someone sometime if you keep at it. Do the right things every day and it all works out in the end.

Thanks for reading my guest post and this awesome site! I appreciate it very much. If you want to email me with further thoughts or suggestions I might be able to provide feel free to email me at or visit my website to check out my book and my updated blog posts!

Carpe Diem!

Marketing Fun With Mike aka The Hot Dog Extraordinaire


Mar 5, 2013

Ra Ra Riot at A&R Music Bar

It was a mellow night as I awaited Ra Ra Riot take the stage at A&R Music Bar. As a mix of patrons were amiably filing in, the term “eclectic” would best be used to describe the crowd. Often this term gets thrown around in music circles, but this crowd was 2 parts 30-something office workers, 1 part hipster with a sprinkle of lipstick lesbians and construction workers… most likely there together. Everyone seemed to have accidentally stumbled onto a foreign scene, but not uncomfortably so. A&R’s impressively staffed bar had the beer flowing providing a vessel for camaraderie among the diverse crowd. Long-time fans of Ra Ra Riot waited with barely-checked patience and those first-timers seemed to be aware that perhaps something special was about to happen.

Pacific Air, Ra Ra Riot, A and R Music Bar 28FEB2013

Ra Ra Riot’s set was entertaining on numerous levels, the foremost of which were of the visual variety. Flanked by undulating panels and tubes of colors, with seething waves, strobes and pulses surrounding the performers, Ra Ra Riot launched into an ardent performance. Ranging from the sublime to the triumphant, Ra Ra Riot never lost touch with their pop sensibilities. Every tune kept the audience grooving and the set never became lethargic, thanks in no small part to Ra Ra Riot’s string section.

Pacific Air, Ra Ra Riot, A and R Music Bar 28FEB2013

Much has been said about the departure of cellist and founding member Alexandra Lawn and very little is mentioned about the “touring cellist” now making appearances with the band. Early reviews were not good making much of the fact that this “replacement” seemed rooted in her chair and not joining in the band’s frenetic performance. Apparently, she got the memo. The band was in full swing and bristling with kinetic movement including the new nameless (according to my Google searches) cellist (sans chair) was up and jamming!

Pacific Air, Ra Ra Riot, A and R Music Bar 28FEB2013

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