Apr 22, 2013

Son Step to play Rumba Cafe this Saturday

We received an email from the band Son Step last week kindly asking us if we would mention their show on our blog. So here it is…

Son Step describe themselves as an “indie/electro/experimental” group from Philadelphia. After a quick listen we can say that the intricacy of the guitar play is appealing and the experimental setup definitely adds to the progressive nature of the music.

Here’s a live performance:

We’ve yet to see these guys live so we can’t necessarily vouch, but if you want to see Son Step live they will be playing at Rumba Cafe on Saturday night.

More about the band:

Son Step is a unique collaborative effort featuring four active forces in Philadelphia’s original music scene. Hungry for exploration, the band’s members (Pat Lamborn, Matt Scarano, and twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle) are apt to mix up both instrumentation and individual roles. Live performances often feature a communal sharing of vocal duties, and are spattered with quirky, intoxicating sounds made on guitar, synthesizer, samplers, bass and drums. This is characteristic of the band’s first EP Spooky Tooth (2011), as well as their debut full length Here Comes Dreamboat (2012), a kaleidoscope recording that effortlessly combines many elements. Dense layers of percussion and off-kilter rhythms often give way to moments of intricate composition and heartfelt lyricism. Colorful harmonies and oddly addictive grooves rise to the surface without notice. And while the band touches upon an array of influences- ambient, post-punk, world music, and beyond- they also create something urgent and distinctly original, something that should be heard by listeners and audiences seeking a new kind of music.

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