Jun 25, 2013

Benco Presents: Resurrecting the Club Gig Experience in Columbus

Falling into the monotony of Columbus’ most prevalent promoter(s)’ booking habits would be a helluva lot easier if it weren’t for those handful of folks, the ones whose artistic integrity is demonstrated through their personal preferences lineups. It’s truly admirable when an artist is booked regardless of whether or not they’ll actually sell enough tickets to cover the guarantee… especially when said booker doesn’t have the leverage of a radio station to get the artist to play for nothing. The show tomorrow night at The Bluestone featuring Yeasayer and Reptar is a perfect illustration courtesy of Benco Presents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the bands, first and foremost they are incredibly complimentary. The music will get intricate and spacey at times for those purists while danceable bass, complex rhythm and sensitive harmonies will appeal to the rest. Nevertheless, the reason why you MUST go to this show tomorrow is because you rarely get to see this level of talent in a club setting.

*The following video is a complete misrepresentation of the Yeasayer you’ll see tomorrow.

Probably more like this:

Reptar has long been a recipient of our admiration since they introduced us to Wowser Bowser back in 2009. We know you’re going to compare Reptar to a bunch of not nearly as talented bands all on your own, but if you want our opinion you can read our introduction to the band from a few years back.

To reiterate the previous statement, its RARE to see this level of talent sharing a stage in an intimate club environment. So stop complaining about a lack of quality shows where you’re in a position to actually watch the bands play their instruments and support local promoters with great taste in music tomorrow night. RPM has a feeling there’s no limit to the quality artists they can bring to Columbus so long as they continue have YOUR support.

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